Offboarding checklist when leaving Finland

Offboarding and exit checklist for things to do when employee is leaving Aalto and Finland.
People outside at campus

Check-list for employees leaving Aalto and Finland

Employee issues at the department Responsible    Done
Work certificate       worker and unit   
Return keys        worker and unit  
Return key card / CliqKey to Dipoli reception worker and unit  
Return computer  worker and unit  
Return phone worker and unit  
Return Aalto credit card   worker and unit  
Finalize travel claims and invoices in NEO worker and unit  
Check Halli      worker and unit  
Check holiday days / free time worker and unit  
Fill in Exit feedback (Workday) worker and unit  
Submit your forwarding address to unit worker  
Clean up your desk and bookshelf worker  
Researcher Responsible Done
How to store your data (agree with supervisor) worker and supervisor  
Report your publications to ACRIS 
Officials Responsible   Done
Cancel Finnish social security (      worker  
Check Finnish pension (       worker and/or unit    

Check Taxation
( Tax return etc.


Banking Responsible  Done

Close your bank account
(Check possible tax returns before closing the bank account!)

Cancel your bank card    worker  
Cancel invoice payment arrangements  worker  
Cancel credit cards  worker  
Children Responsible  Done
Childrens’ schools, day care etc.: announcing the quitting worker  
Certificates/reports from schools, day care  worker  
Childrens’ schools, day care etc. in the destination country worker  
Car Responsible  Done
Car sale, notification of transfer, decommissioning   worker  
Housing Responsible  Done
Terminate rent agreement (check the notice period!)  worker  
Residence: sale, renting     worker  
Storing of the property left in Finland, if coming back   worker  
Residence in Finland/destination country   worker  
Temporary residence in Finland/destination country    worker  
Terminating of contracts related to housing issues Responsible  Done
Electricity and water contract  worker  
Phone/mobile contract     worker  
Newspaper/magazine subscriptions       worker  
Waste management        worker  
Insurances     worker  
Moving Responsible  Done

Choosing the moving company
Fixing the moving and packing days

Selecting the items for moving (customs and import orders)  worker  
Packing up the items    worker  
Transportation of items   moving company + worker  
Scheduling moving  moving company + worker  
Pets  worker  
Travel tickets    worker  
Passport / Visa for Finland/destination country   worker  
Documents required for Residence / Work permits      worker  
Notice of removal Responsible  Done
Post/mail / Local register office       worker  
Insurances in the next destination Responsible  Done
Moving insurance   worker  
Home insurance for home    worker  
Home insurance for property   worker  
Insurances for family members / Possible additional insurances worker  

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