Occupational Safety Committee activities and members

The Occupational Safety Committee is an employer–employee body for dealing with health and safety matters concerning the university at large.

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The Aalto University Occupational Safety Committee includes nine members: Seven occupational safety representatives, the employer’s representatives Seija-Piiponniemi-Lahti , Tiina Okkonen and Minna-Mari Moisio. Various specialists and cooperative parties may also attend.

The Occupational Safety Committee convenes four times a year.

Occupational safety representatives

Occupational safety representatives and the occupational areas for 1 Jan. 2024 – 31 Dec. 2027

There are seven occupational safety representatives at Aalto – one for each occupational area as well as two deputies for each.

The occupational safety representatives represent employees in occupational safety matters. If you notice a lack of safety in a work environment, in work implements, or a risk to health, or if you need help for evaluating a risk, contact the occupational safety representative for your area.

A list of occupational safety representatives for the different areas is given below.

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