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Aalto University uses an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution to manage Macs. The management solution is used to deploy, configure, secure devices and make work apps easily available. All new devices ordered through will automatically be managed.

What does it mean for the end-user?

  1. During First Time Setup
    See the guide: Aalto Mac First Time Setup
  2. Ease-of-use
    • Most common work applications are preinstalled and optional software is available
    • Easy connection to aalto-network on campus and elsewhere (VPN)
    • Printing
    • A general user guide can be found on the device: Applications -> Aalto -> Aalto Mac Quick User Guide.pdf


Aalto-managed macOS devices can be used without any 3rd party accounts (including Apple ID).

Aalto IT can never see: 

  • Location 
  • Email and text messages 
  • Contacts
  • Calendar 
  • Passwords 
  • Photos 

Aalto IT may see: 

  • Model and serial number 
  • Hardware information
  • Operating system 
  • Installed apps 
  • Owner and device name 
  • Phone number  
  • IP Address  
  • Apple ID  
  • System logs

Devices are managed with VMware Workspace ONE UEM. Information shared with VMware: name, email address, username, work phone number, department.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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