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KY is an association for business students at Aalto University with a long and rich history since being founded in 1911. We exist solely for – and because of – our members. Every degree student at Aalto University School of Business may join KY.

In this page you will find useful information regarding KY including a short history and a summary of KY's key services and where to find them! A list of useful links to the services you need are located at the bottom of the page. You may also directly visit KY's webpage!
The top of the KY building
The KY building.
Famous celebrities, politicians, and notable figures wanted to be at KY-Exit. It truly was the bees knees.
Politicians, celebrities, everybody else wanted to be at KY-EXIT. It was the bees knees at the time.

The Helsinki School of Economics Student Association also known as KY (Kauppakorkeakoulun Oppilasyhdistys) was founded on October 7th, 1911 as a student union for the first Finnish-speaking university-level business school. Today, KY is a part of Aalto University and joined AYY - Aalto University Student Union and operates as an association advocating for business students of Aalto.

Since its inception, KY grew quickly and became a highly influential in Finnish student wellbeing, advocacy, and culture, many of the values and traditions championed then are still a staple of KY today!

As time went on and KY's resources grew, the student union expanded into offering student housing. By 1940, once the worst effects of the great depression had subsided, KY finished construction on the famous KY building which provided housing for many of KY's members, the most famous club of the 80s, KY-EXIT, and later a home for the KY office, which can now be found in Espilä Otaniemi. Come and visit if you need to know anything related to business students!

Seen here is the traditional KY Logo
KY's traditional symbol pictured in an old photograph.

After the war, it was time to focus on rebuilding the society and economy. KY made its first achievement in commercial entrepreneurship by founding the tobacco corporation Amer-Tupakka Oy in 1950, and thanks to cunning marketing, Amer’s Boston cigarettes quickly grew to be a widely popular brand. Also, activity in clubs started to show signs of life and KY’s sports club was in its golden age, KY often being unbeatable in academic leagues.

After having a taste of business success, KY embarked on other business ventures and arranged the huge export trade show, Finnfocus, which was held in London in 1968 was the biggest event in KY history. KY rented M/S Finnpartner from Amer, and the ship sailed to London to promote Finland and Finnish companies internationally. The project was a bold and risky investment, which ended up creating a lot of positive publicity.

KY's annual Wappu march closes down the Helsinki CBD
KY's annual Wappu celebration march.

By the early 2000s increasing the service level was a major focus point of the first decade in the new millennium. KY had built numerous other student apartments in the Helsinki area and the apartment offering kept on expanding when new apartment buildings were finished in Arabianranta in 2006 and on Arkadiankatu in 2009. These apartments in Helsinki can still be rented from the AYY student union.

In 2010 Aalto University was formed by merging Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

A historical photo of KY's "Mursujaiset" celebrations for new business students
A historical picture of KY's Mursujaiset celebrations held each year for new students in Aalto Business.

As Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union (AYY) were founded, KY’s status as a student union was retracted. KY as an association started its operations on the first of January 2010, and during the first years, KY searched for its place in the new union and looked for new directions. During the same year, the KY Foundation began operating to provide financial support and other resources for students and associations. In 2015, after more than 100 years in Töölö and 75 years in the KY Building, KY expanded to Otaniemi and focused the majority of its activities on the Otaniemi campus. To embrace the Aalto community in full, KY changed its official name to Aalto University Business Students in 2016.

KY Services

KY's services can be summarized into three categories: student advocacy, work & career, and community.

With active student advocacy KY is making sure that Aalto University School of Business remains as Finland's top business school now, and into the future. KY's close cooperation with the Business school's faculty ensures that students' voices are heard in decision-making bodies of the School of Business.

KY's corporate relations sector enables every business student to be in touch with future employers. With career related events, excursions and cooperation with business life, KY members have excellent prospects for job opportunities.

As KY's largest sector, the community sector is one of the most visible for all members. KY aims to provide the best student experience for everyone with a wide range of events. KY's event portfolio includes traditional student events, sport events, and interdisciplinary events with the whole Aalto community. If none of these sound like a match for you, KY also supports members in starting new clubs and creating unique events with funding and advice.

KY's Wappu March in 2019
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