International Student Barometer (ISB)

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is a globally recognised, comprehensive survey by International Graduate Insight Group Ltd (independent UK-based company). The survey focuses on evaluating and enhancing international student satisfaction, expectation, and experience. The ISB is targeted to international students in higher education institutions, and it is one of the most comprehensive ways to influence the issues that concern international students across a broad spectrum of studies.
Three students having a discussion around a table at the Learning Centre at Aalto. Around the edges, there are also colourful furniture and lamps. Photo: Aalto University / Unto Rautio.

ISB survey at Aalto in 2022

Aalto University is taking part in the International Student Barometer (ISB) in 2022. The ISB survey at Aalto was conducted between 24 November 2022 and 19 December 2022. Finnish universities regularly take part in the ISB survey and consider it an important feedback channel for improvements in student experience from orientation to graduation and beyond.

An invitation to the survey was sent by email to all Aalto’s international degree students and exchange students, including joint degree students. The levels included were bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. In total, the survey offered a chance to give feedback for well over 4000 international students at Aalto.

Students who completed the survey could choose to take part in prize draw for a chance to win one of the 10 prizes: 100 euros in cash (3 prizes), Aalto hoodie from Aalto Shop (3 prizes) and cinema tickets for two (4 prizes). The winners will be contacted in March 2023 for collection of their prizes.

The survey results arrived in the early March and will provide information on international students’ study experience and satisfaction on the application process, arrival, learning experience, support services, accommodation, inclusivity, concerns and living experience in Finland. The results provide valuable information for improving the overall international student experience and for developing services, for both current and future international students at Aalto University. 

Results from the survey are available on confidential basis for Aalto academic and administrative staff who deal with international student feedback. You can request access to the results from: [email protected] and [email protected].

Previous ISB surveys at Aalto have been conducted in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2017. Results from previous surveys have been valuable when developing services for students – please see more under previous ISB surveys at Aalto

For more information on ISB 2022 at Aalto, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Previous ISB surveys at Aalto 

International Student Barometer surveys have been conducted at Aalto in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2017. National results from the most recent surveys can be found on the Finnish National Agency for Education website:

Since the last survey in 2017, orientation and career services for international students at Aalto have seen a number of changes and improvements, including Aalto Career Design and Aalto International Talent programmes.

Aalto International Talent Program is a group mentoring initiative that brings together Aalto’s international students and companies who are looking for talent. The program helps Master’s and Doctoral students to connect with company representatives and learn about Finnish working life. Aalto International Talent Program has been organized annually since 2020, and over 400 students have already benefited from the program.

Aalto Career Design Lab is a learning and collaboration space that supports students, alumni and other lifewide learners to shape meaningful and sustainable careers for themselves. Career Design Lab has multiple services for international students, such as alumni mentoring, career design courses and trainings, career coaching and job fairs. Companies are also invited to connect with Aalto’s students and alumni through different career design concepts. Career Design Lab was launched in 2021 and it continues to develop its services.

By answering the ISB 2022 survey, you can really make an impact by sharing your views on Aalto’s services for international students. The survey results will be taken into consideration when developing the services for future students!

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