How to make a QR code

Creating QR codes pointing to a website does not require a paid license or the use of paid services.

Do not make a QR code on a commercial or ad-supported page. Commercial or advertising-funded sites often produce QR codes, the use of which becomes paid, or they redirect to an advertising site. In this case, it is the so-called a dynamic QR code, i.e., a redirection is connected to the address contained in the code, which enables the function of the code to be changed to a paid one in the future. The use of dynamic QR codes should be avoided for data security reasons alone, as it is possible to redirect to a malicious website. 

It is possible to make QR codes with several different programs. 

The QR code pointing to the WWW page can be easily created with the Microsoft Edge browser as follows: 

1. In Edge, open the page you want the QR code to point to. 

2. Right-click on the top of the page. 

3. Select Create QR code for this page from the menu. 

4. A window opens on the page where the QR code is visible. 

5. Check (and correct if necessary) that the link (URL) points to the address you want, e.g., 

6. Press Copy to copy the QR code to the clipboard. 

7. Attach the QR code to the document you want. 

8. Check the functionality of the QR code. 

Create QR code and copy it
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