Guidelines on trademarks at Aalto University

The names and trademarks of Aalto University are valuable property of the University and should be used with care.

Aalto University the trademark owner

The names and trademarks of Aalto University Foundation functioning as Aalto University (hereinafter also University) are valuable property of the University and should be used with care.

The nationally and internationally registered trademarks of Aalto University include: AALTO UNIVERSITY and its versions in different languages; AALTO, the registration of which is limited to use involving education or research activities, and AALTO when connected as a compound with other word stems that together are University trademarks in their various forms (for the list of registered trademarks applied for by Aalto University Foundation sr can be found by applicant name search at TMView ( The trademarks include wordmarks (such as AALTO UNIVERSITY) and logos (such as A!) as well as combinations of both a wordmark and a logo. In the present guidelines, 'logo' shall also be used when referring to trademarks.


Supported by Legal Services, Aalto University Communications manages the trademark portfolio of the University. All licence requests and contacts related to the trademarks go to [email protected]. Licensing is handled by the Head of Brand and Creative, with the Communications Director when necessary.

Guidelines for using logos 

Aalto University logos are part of the visual identity of the University. Take particular note of the following: 

  • Use only up-to-date, unmodified logos. To obtain the current logos, go to the brand library at
  • The University logo may under no circumstances be used in activities involving party politics. 
  • In addition to these guidelines on trademarks, the Aalto University Code of Conduct and Aalto's 'Recommendations and guidelines on social media' must be followed.
  • If a unit or project wishes to create a new logo, an application for it must be sent to Communications.
  • Do not alter the spelling of a logo of the University or render it in possessive or plural form. Avoid using a trademark of the University as a common noun or as a verb.

If you need to express the ownership of a trademark, do so as in e.g. 'Aalto University Junior is a registered trademark of Aalto University'.

Using trademarks in the activities of the University 

The logos of the University may be used in unmodified form and without a separate licence for the educational, research and other activities of the University according to the provisions of the Universities Act (558/2009) and in accordance with the normal practices of the schools, departments, units and degree programmes.

Adding a University logo to products (to clothing items, for example) is prohibited without a separate, written licence from Communications. 

Events and networks

The dean of a school or the director of a unit may agree on the use of a logo at an event or in other cooperation if they have approved the participation of the University in the activity. This may be an activity of the kind where the University is an event organiser together with other organisations. 

The following are permitted to use the Aalto University name in their activities:

Societal interaction and Aalto University staff 

If a staff member participates as an expert in an activity related to societal impact, the use of the Aalto University name is permitted to indicate the person's employment relationship (e.g. Liisa Virtanen, Professor, Aalto University). Staff members may not use the University trademark in their own business activities. 

Education collaboration 

The use of a logo of the University in educational collaborations is subject to agreements made in connection with the activities. Such use is approved by the party signing the agreement on the educational collaboration. 

In study projects carried out with a collaborative partner, a licence must be requested from Communications for communications matters other than the study project -related matters.

Research activities 

Jointly funded research projects: Aalto University logos may be used in the funding applications and in the project publicity and informational material when Aalto University is participating in the project.

Contract research: A licence must be requested from Communications for using an Aalto University logo in the marketing of a business.

Innovation activities

A startup or spin-off company from the University may be granted the right to mention the wordmark 'Aalto University' when telling about the technological background of the company’s formation; however, use of a University logo always requires obtaining a licence from Communication.

Using 'Aalto University' as a reference for procurements

Use as a reference means the mention of a product or service procured through a tendering or bidding process by the University. Use as a reference requires a licence from Communications. If the right to such use is being negotiated in connection with a procurement, the party preparing the agreement for the procurement must justify why a right to use the University as a reference should be granted. The party preparing the agreement must provide Communications information on the following: 

  • Is the cooperation long-term, that is, lasting over one year?
  • Has the cooperation been or will it be of significant benefit to the University, for example, to the research of the unit involved?
  • How will be reference be made, for example, will it appear on a webpage with and in the same way as other organisations used as references (e.g. other university purchasers of the service)?

In considering the licensing for use of the University as a reference, the question must be borne in mind of whether, since reputation and brand are valuable property items of the University, the use will have a promotional or a detrimental effect on the University in terms of its missions of societal interaction and social impact. 

Agreeing on trademark use 

The use of a trademark of the University must be agreed in writing such that the principles are specified for the length of time of the use and due limitations are set on the right of use, that is, in what ways and in what media the use may occur (e.g. use of the logo on web pages, or mention of it in an individual project, etc.); in addition, the University must always reserve the right to cancel a trademark licence for any reason and at any time, including during a point in time previously agreed to for its use as a reference. The need to cancel a licence may arise if, for instance, the reputation of a University partner suffers a serious decline.

No refashioned logos, no modifications

The University logos may not be modified, and they may be refashioned only in exceptional cases in accordance with the communications strategy. If your unit wishes to create a new logo, you need to contact Communications and obtain approval.

Registration of new domain names

For registering a domain name, you must apply for a permission from Communications, so the domain can be registered as the property of the University. 

Reporting unauthorised use

Anyone who discovers that a trademark of the University is being used in breach of these guidelines is asked to report the matter by email to [email protected].

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