Dropbox on Aalto Linux laptop (not supported)

Using the Dropbox Linux client is currently not supported. The Dropbox client does not support writing to the network home directory that is used on Aalto Linux workstations.
Although Aalto IT does not support using Dropbox on Aalto Linux, you can install - and use - Dropbox on Aalto Linux laptop with these instructions.
  1. Open your default browser and go to
  2. Sign in using your account. Please see
  3. Keep the browser open.
  4. Install the Dropbox software package either by starting the graphical program Ubuntu software or by giving the command: pkcon install nautilus-dropbox
  5. Start Dropbox either graphically through the start menu (button with 3 x 3 dots at the bottom left corner) or using the command: dropbox start
  6. The actual dropbox program will be downloaded and installed into your home directory (under .dropbox and .dropbox-dist).
  7. The browser will ask whether you want to link your computer to your Dropbox account. Answer yes.

 If something goes wrong, kill dropbox processes (killall dropbox) and remove the directories .dropbox and .dropbox-dist and restart from step 1 (but you can skip step 4).

The essential thing is that you need to be logged into your Dropbox through the browser when the Dropbox program is installed into your home directory.

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