Aalto University facility use and event security notification form

The facilities of Aalto University are available for different functions and evening events after the provided opening hours of each facility or building.

The facilities of Aalto University are available for different functions and evening events after the provided opening hours of each facility or building. The event organiser must submit a notification of the event on a separate form and carry out all preparations in compliance with the instructions provided by the university. In these instructions, the terms ‘event’ and ‘evening event’ refer to different parties, ceremonies, masquerades, concerts, and other similar gatherings. Events can be organised by staff members, students, unions, departments and schools.

To ensure the smoothness and safety of the event, the organiser shall submit a notification of the event and its nature to the Campus Services at least one week before the event. The form helps the organiser to pay attention to all matters related to the use of the facility and the safety of the event.

Required recommendations before submitting the notification

  • A recommendation shall be requested for the event from the dean or head of department, who have the right to decide whether or not allow the the event to be organised.
  • Jjoint service units request a recommendation from the head of their own unit.
  • The event organiser shall ensure that the recommendation has been granted before submitting the notification.

Instructions for filling out an evening use notification form

  • The notification form shall always be filled out by a member of the Aalto personnel (a student may not fill out an evening use notification form).
  • State the person responsible for the event and give their contact information (e-mail and telephone number).
  • The person filling out the form is responsible for the validity of the information provided.
  • The person named as responsible for the event must be present and available throughout the entire event.
  • The responsible person may be a student who has enrolled as an attending student and who has been approved by the dean or head of department.

Principles of event organisation:

  • Organise the event in a facility that suits the nature of the event, and take the following into account:
    • Number of participants: An event is categorised as a public event if there are at least 200 participants and alcohol is served during the event. (not recommended for Aalto University events)
    • Adequacy of toilet facilities, including toilets with unrestricted access
    • Furniture arrangements
    • Escape routes must always be kept clear! It is prohibited to store items on escape routes even temporarily.
    • Catering possibilities

The organiser is responsible for ensuring that the event is planned and implemented in such a way that people can participate in it safely, and that the arrangements are functional even if something unexpected happens.

  • Draft an emergency plan for public events beyond the normal operations, if there are a minimum of 200 participants.
    • Report the event as a public event if you as much as suspect that there may be more than 200 participants. Notify the rescue department 14 days before the event.
    • In case of a disturbance or danger, the organiser will be held responsible – a number of participants beyond that which was reported does not absolve the organiser of responsibility!
    • In addition to the emergency plan, notify the police five days before the event, and attach the emergency plan to the notification.
    • Public events require at least two security guards/officers in addition to the Lobby Services staffer.
    • Make sure that there are a sufficient number of security officers present even in events with less than 200 participants.
    • There must be one security officer for every hundred persons (200 participants – 2 security officers, 300 participants – 3 security officers etc.)
    • Security and Lobby Services will assist you in the drafting of an emergency plan, as well as in other practical matters.
  • For safety purposes it is recommended that alcohol is not served in the events.
    • If alcoholic beverages are, however, served in the event, the lobby service must be present during the entire event.
  • The event organiser is personally responsible for the lobby service arrangements and for the additional costs caused by the event (e.g. possible overtime pay / safety officers’ fees, facility rentals).
  • REMEMBER: The person named as responsible for the event and referred to in the event notification must be present in the building and available throughout the entire event!

Facility use notification form (with an Aalto ID):

Complementary notifications

Temporary accommodation

  • Please note that if the public event involves temporary accommodation, the instructions provided for temporary accommodation must be complied with. The organiser of the accommodation must notify the rescue department of the temporary accommodation a minimum of 14 days before the start of the intended temporary accommodation.  Tilapaismajoitus -ilmoitus (in Finnish)

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