Aalto University course material from Unigrafia's online bookstore

Aalto University course material from Unigrafia's online bookstore

Instructions for students

Unigrafia Oy produces Aalto University’s course materials (“pruju”). Students may order course materials from Unigrafia’s online bookstore ( The materials will be delivered to the person's home by post, or to one of Unigrafia’s service points on campus. You may choose your preferred method of delivery when placing your order.

How to order:

  1. When you wish to place an order on course materials, go to WebOodi, then choose Course Registrations. By choosing Additional Information (Lisätietoja) you are linked to Unigrafia’s online bookstore (
  2. Choose ”Course Material Aalto” to the right, which will take you to the Product search. Choose your product by searching either with the course code or name, then choose “add to cart”. Go to the “shopping cart” on the right. You may pay by internet bank or by credit card. Choose the mode of delivery: directly home by post (a shipping fee of 10EUR is added), or pick-up at a campus service point (no shipping fee). Fill in other required information and place your order. Materials ordered as pick-up will be available at the chosen service point by your name.
  3. Delivery will take 1-4 working days, provided that the teacher has delivered his or her course material to Unigrafia in time.
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