5G research network

On Otaniemi campus of Aalto University, we have an internal 5G research network. It is not possible to place calls on this network (internal or external), but the network offers a fast mobile internet connection. The Aalto 5G network is a platform to conduct 5G research and to develop and test 5G applications.

In the Otaniemi area, commercial operators have also their own 5G coverage. Devices and subscriptions to commercial networks can be requested from [email protected].
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The network is based on Nokia 4G and 5G base stations. Aalto 5G is a successor of the LTE based Netleap which has now been extended with new 5G base stations and with a local 5G core. The platform includes also an NB-IoT base station provided by Ericsson in order to serve sensor communications.

Aalto 5G provides low-latency connections to the internet and to the Aalto's internal network. On the platform, it is possible to create solutions that consist of mobile devices and servers in Aalto datacenters. Exact technical arrangements are planned together with research groups case-by-case.


The network covers the most important outdoor areas of Otaniemi. Some of these areas are served only with 4G signal but the core areas have 5G coverage as well. The network will be extended to indoor premises according to the demand. NB-IoT coverage is satisfactory in the outdoor areas but may not work inside behind thick walls.

There is no coverage map of the network but you can see the base station locations on the map below. Please contact IT Service Desk to know if there is coverage in specific areas.


The research network is an ideal place to test new mobile and IoT applications. Latencies are low enough to build real-time applications. Maximum available bandwidth allows transferring large amounts of data. The network is not suitable for daily communication use because it has no roaming agreements nor any voice connections to commercial phone networks.

Target group

Aalto 5G is open to the whole Aalto community to build and research 5G applications. Using the network is free of charge for staff and students. The network is open also for partners of Aalto University for a nominal fee.


In order to use the Aalto 5G network, you need a physical SIM card. Aalto IT Services manages the subscriptions, and IT Service Desk Maari (Maarintie 8, room 1163) distributes SIM cards. It is recommended to send enquiries in advance by email to [email protected]. After that, the SIM card can be picked up in a few days. IT Service Desk together with the Department of Communications and Networking gives advice on the network's suitability for different use cases.


The network is suitable only for research purposes. It is mandatory to apply for access rights and a SIM card in advance from IT Service Desk. You can't make internal nor external voice calls on the network. Emergency calls are also not possible.

Aalto 4G/5G base station locations
Base station locations in the Otaniemi area (map by OpenStreetMap)

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Aalto nextG

Aalto nextG is an infrastructure supporting research on future mobile networks. It is operated by the School of Electrical Engineering's, Information and Communications Engineering technical support services.

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