School of Science

New heads of departments for 2020-2022

Appointments confirmed for the next 3 years by Dean
The Dean has appointed the Heads of Departments for 2020-2022.

The new heads of departments in the school of science will be

Department of Applied Physics:
Head of the Department Esko Kauppinen
Vice Head of the Department Mika Sillanpää (teaching)
Vice Head of the Department Robin Ras (research)
Vice Head of the Department Jaakko Timonen (services and infrastructure)

Department of Computer Science:
Head of the Department Lauri Savioja
Vice Head of the Department Petri Vuorimaa (teaching)
Vice Head of the Department Casper Lassenius (research)
Vice Head of the Department Jari Saramäki (services and infrastructure)

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management:
Head of the Department Risto Rajala
Vice Head of the Department Mikko Jääskeläinen (teaching)
Vice Head of the Department Markku Maula (research)

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis:
Head of the Department Nuutti Hyvönen
Vice Head of the Department  Camilla Hollanti (research)

Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering:
Head of the Department Risto Ilmoniemi
Vice Head of the Department Matti Stenroos (teaching)
Vice Head of the Department Lauri Parkkonen (research

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