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Akin Erdem studies in Computational Engineering programme remotely from Turkey

Although, Akin has not been able to physically come to Finland, he has formed strong friendships with his fellow students and has been able to find motivation for studying.
Portrait of Akin Erdem

In a world that is increasingly more and more digital, engineering also is directed towards a digital path. Combining computational skills with engineering not only seemed interesting but I also knew that it would be a very important field in the future. Finland was one of the countries at the top of my list of countries I would consider going to university for its renowned near-perfect education system, quality of life, and serenity among many other reasons. Before applying to Aalto, I searched through the best universities in Finland and I learned that Aalto was unanimously the best technical university in Finland and one of the best in Europe. I knew I wanted to study Computational Engineering and after thorough research, I knew that I wanted to study at Aalto so I applied and got admitted with a full scholarship.

The best thing about my program is my friends and our professors. Even though I have been studying remotely thus far, I have formed strong friendships with people that I wish I had the chance to study with physically rather than remotely. Although I got used to remote learning, it is not without issues. Motivation may be hard to find from time to time and procrastinating is easier to lose yourself in. However, with self-discipline I have minimized these issues and I’m happy with the path I’m on right now. I would advise anyone starting their studies remote to remember that we are all in this pandemic situation together and that with some resilience remote learning can be dealt with until everything returns to normal.

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Department of Accounting: Unto Rautio

Computational Engineering, Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology)

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