School of Electrical Engineering

Digitalisation of Courses in the School of Electrical Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering funds initiatives to use digitalisation for developing higher quality education and more efficient teaching practices. The funding is intended for teachers within Aalto ELEC for the development of courses in the school's curriculum.
Online learning
Higher Quality Learning and more Efficient Teaching through Course Digitalisation

ELEC teaching staff may apply for funding for:

  1. Digi-assistants who create digital assetts*
  2. Digital assetts, tools, licenses, and services for teaching
  3. Other well-justified need that serves the overall purpose

*Digital assetts may be such as digital media, content, automation, and tools

If you are considering of acquiring a license or a digital service, please, read the instructions for the process: 5 questions before acquiring software or digital services | Aalto University

Priority is given to efforts that justify their impact well in terms of how many students' studies / teachers' teaching work will be influenced.

Check Out the Shared Wisdom!

We have collected instructions and insights about remote teaching, video production, hybrid teaching, MyCourses automation, and digital materials into a wiki page. The page is constantly updated and new Tips & Tricks from colleagues are uploaded.

ELEC Digiwiki - Digitalisation of courses

ELEC TakeOut

ELEC TakeOut is a service for borrowing equipment for your digital teaching needs.

Check what you need (microphone, video camera, lights, writing tablet), reserve it, and get it from the ELEC TakeOut cabinet on the next day. You find detailed instructions by pressing the button below.

Location: Maarintie 8, TUAS building, Atrium. No personal service available currently.

ELEC TakeOut - ELEC digi - Aalto University Wiki

People behind the Service

  • Anouar Belachen, ELEC Vice Dean
  • Salu Ylirisku, ELE, Chair & Responsible Leader
  • Yusein Ali, Comnet 
  • Jari Holopainen, ELE 
  • Anu Lehtovuori, ELE  
  • Jaan Praks, ELE 
  • Matti Raasakka, ELE 
  • Sebastian Schlecht, SPA 
  • Seppo Sierla, EEA 
  • Ivan Vujaklija, EEA 
  • Henrik Wallén, ELE 

More Information:
[email protected]

Teacher Services:
[email protected]
Contacts for Teacher Services here.

News and background

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