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Visa application for EECAT2020

Here we supply useful information for visa application for participate EECAT2020.

Please consult the Embassy/Consulate General of Finland in your country about the visa requirements and approval period in advance for a smooth travel. (For example, ).

The organizing committee will only be able to issue the invitation letter for Visa based on your request after your registration to the workshop. Please register on our registration page

Steps For getting an invitation letter for Visa:

  1. Please send e-mail to [email protected], with including "Visa" in the email title, and the corresponding materials mentioned below.
  2. Please download the invitation letter for Visa template  and complete the information marked by yellow highlight.
  3. Send the completed draft invitation letter for Visa with the required information and attach your visiting schedule to [email protected]. The invitation letter for Visa with the signature of the Host Chairman Prof. Yongdan Li, will be sent to you via email around one week.  

The draft invitation letter for Visa should have personal information:

  • Full name (same with passport)
  • Gender (Male / Female)
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth (e.g. 25 January, 1990)
  • Passport No
  • Institution

EECAT2020 is NOT authorized to assist with the Visa process beyond providing the Invitation Letter. The invitation letter may help while cannot guarantee you a Schengen Visa. The registration fee refund will have no relationship with the result of Visa application, but only according to the cancelation policy agreed on registration.

Contact person for invitation letter and visiting schedule: Miss Dan Kong

Email address: [email protected], with including "Visa" in the email title.


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