School of Chemical Engineering: governance

Quality and leadership support

Aalto University maintains and develops a quality management system in order to support its strategic management and to be able to continuously improve its activities on all levels. The quality system is thus an entity of procedures and processes aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of the university, its education, its research and other activities.

Development Manager Marjo Kettunen ([email protected]) and the School's quality assurance team are responsible for quality affairs in the School of Chemical Engineering.

The quality team supports the Dean in developing the school’s quality assurance policy and manuals. The team makes recommendations on areas of development and supports the annual development cycle at the School of Chemical Engineering. Together with the Equality group, the quality assurance team also steer the equality work at the School, including the annual CHEM EQU action plan. 

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How are the equality issues managed at the School of Chemical Engineering?

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School's quality assurance



Steering and development of School's quality


School's Management Team

Coordination, instruction and monitoring of School's quality work

Development manager

School's Quality Assurance Team

School's quality work's linking to University's quality work, strategy and School's strategy's implementation plan

Development manager

School's Quality Assurance Team

Quality assurance of School's scientific function, incl. research


School's TT Committee
Doctoral Programme Committee
Doctoral programme director
Heads of department

Quality assurance of education and learning


Chemical Engineering Academic Committee (KTAK)
Degree Programme Committee
Programme directors
Heads of departments

Quality assurance of societal impact


Heads of departments


The objectives set for the quality management system are:

  • to support achievement of the school’s vision, strategic objectives and goals set for the core activities as well as to ensure the high quality of school functions and results.
  • to reinforce a joint quality culture and the participation of students, staff and external stakeholders in the planning, implementation, evaluation and development of school activities.
  • to clarify the roles and responsibilities of various actors
  • to maintain and strengthen openness and transparency
  • to disseminate uniform operating methods and best practices throughout the organisation
  • to ensure the reliability of information describing productivity and quality and utilization of that information when monitoring and developing activities
  • to identify, document and develop key operating processes based on feedback

Dean Kristiina Kruus has the overall responsibility of the quality assurance at the School of Chemical Engineering. Development manager Marjo Kettunen is responsible for the practical coordination and monitoring of the quality assurance and related activities. Vice-deans, heads of departments, decision-making bodies and service organisation as a whole play important roles in implementing quality system.

Quality manual – Aalto School of Chemical Engineering Handbook

Aalto School of Science Handbook is the School's edition of Aalto Handbook, and consists of descriptions common to the whole university and school specific additions. It describes activities, processes and organization, as well as quality assurance. Quality manual is intended to function as a handbook for all personnel and also for the orientation to the school’s activities. All employees have the opportunity to comment on it.

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