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Come study Quantum Technology at Aalto University. We offer education in both Bachelor's and Master's levels, and several special courses.

Quantum Technology, Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology)

Are you fascinated by quantum physics? Eager to innovate practical applications of quantum? Come study Quantum Technology at Aalto University! The Quantum Technology major launches you to the forefront of the ongoing quantum revolution in computation, communication, sensing, and simulation.

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Aalto University / two students working together in a co-working space / photography Aino Huovio

Quantum Technology 2018-2020

Responsible professor: Mikko Möttönen

Through your studies in Quantum Technology, you will build strong foundations in:

  • Applied mathematics. You will advance your competences in integral and differential calculus, matrix algebra, statistical analysis and numerical methods.
  • Quantum physics. You will learn the fundamentals of quantum physics and be able to apply its basic principles in real-world technologies.
  • Programming and engineering. You will know how to develop computer algorithms and programs that exploit quantum mechanical principles. You will be able to perform experiments on quantum systems and formulate technological roadmaps towards future applications. 
  • Teamwork and communication.  You will develop your ability to work effectively in a team and learn how to communicate your results effectively in reports and presentations.

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Engineering Physics, Master of Science (Technology)

The Master’s Programme in Engineering Physics equips students with a profound understanding of physics and mathematics as well as skills that are highly applicable. The programme is closely connected to the research at Aalto University and the Department of Applied Physics, attracting students who want to pursue a career in research.

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Aalto University / students in nanomicroscopy lab / photo by Unto Rautio

Materials Physics and Quantum Technology major

Responsible professor: Mika Sillanpää


The studies offered in the major follow topical research directions at the Department of Applied Physics, such as experimental and theoretical or computational materials physics and nanophysics, and quantum technology.

Materials is one of the focus areas of Aalto. In materials physics, one of the aims is to discover novel materials and structures and to find and apply new phenomena that often occur at a nanometer length scale. This covers studies based on electronic structure of solid matter, as well as statistical physics, nanomagnetism, nano-optics, and soft matter physics.

Quantum technology uses the principles of quantum mechanics to design physical systems with unforeseen functionalities that are impossible to attain in classical information systems or sensors. Quantum technology is right now experiencing a huge boom worldwide. Plenty of start-up companies are emerging in order to bring the findings out from research laboratories into the market. Time is right to step into the field. The studies on quantum technology offered in the major include advanced quantum mechanics, statistical physics, and nanoelectronics.

Content and structure

The Materials Physics and Quantum Technology major is offered as a long major, and as a compact major. The compact major forms the core content for the long major. The pertaining courses cover important topics for engineering physics, and methods from computational, theoretical, and experimental physics. The compact major includes also some choices for more detailed focusing on a certain subject.

The rest of the studies in the long major have a flexible structure, and provide the student with the possibility of focusing in physics, nanoscience, or designing a more cross-disciplinary content for the long major.

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Photo: Unto Rautio.

Special courses

PHYS-E0541 Special Course in Physics V: Experimental methods in Low Temperature Nanophysics

PHYS-E0541 Special Course in Physics V: Quantum Technologies

PHYS-E0542 Special Course in Theoretical Physics V: Open Quantum Systems

PHYS-E0551 Low Temperature Physics V: Nanoelectronics/ Basics of Cryoengineering/ Theory of Superconductivity

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