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Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB, SAAB)

The Scientific (and Artistic) Advisory Boards (SAB / SAAB) of our Schools have an important function in evaluating the research quality and supporting the development of the university.

The tasks of the Scientific Advisory Boards

  • to follow, evaluate and support the research, artistic and teaching activities of the schools (with focus on research activities),
  • to give recommendations on new directions, openings and development activities of the schools, and
  • to evaluate the impacts of the development actions.

In order to fulfill their tasks, each Scientific Advisory Board will meet approximately once in every two years, except when a more in-depth Research, Art and Impact (RAI) assessment takes place. The SAB/SAAB meetings have been organized in 2012, 2014 and 2016, and the next meeting is planned for autumn 2021. The focus of the 2021 meeting will be twofold: to assess how the Schools and Departments have responded to the recommendations they received in the RAI2018 evaluation, and to comment on the School's strategy in relation to Aalto University's new strategy.

The contact persons of the SAB/SAAB process are the Development Managers of each School, and a university level contact person is senior advisor Erja Ämmälahti [email protected]

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