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Open Call for Artists and Researchers - ClimATE Exhibition 2019

Deadline: 17:00 Monday 17.06.19
Open call to Aalto artists, students & researchers to submit projects for exhibition at Aalto in Fall 2019

Graphic Design by Joosung Kang
Graphic Design by Joosung Kang

Open call for artworks and research projects:


Deadline: 5:00pm Monday 17th June 2019

This is an open call to Aalto Community: artists, students and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition at Aalto University in autumn 2019.

We are curious about how food might help us to understand the impacts of climate change. We are interested in art and science research projects which consider how what we eat has a hold on the PlAnET, and influences EArTh systems and climATE change.

Human activity is rapidly transforming the Earth's natural systems, destroying healthy ecosystems and diminishing biodiversity. Food systems are inseparable from the impacts on the climate change. Climate change will almost certainly change the quality and availability of food supplies but the very methods of planetary food production, logistics and waste disposal must also be modified to prevent further destructive environmental impact.

How can this understanding help us participate in constructing our food futures?

How can these food futures operate in the discourse of climate change?

We welcome art works and research proposals which focus on these core questions, and which reference systems of food production, circulation and disposal.

ClimATE seeks projects which offer different ways of thinking about what we (will) EAT.


#climatechange #foodfutures #anthropocene #geography #agriculture #biodiversity #waste #ecology #ethics #economics #gastropolitics #dietarycarbonfoodprint #circulareconomy


Deadline: 5:00pm Monday 17th June 2019

The call is organized by SCTA (Sharing & Co-Creating Transdisciplinary Artworks) initiative composed of the following members: Bassam El Baroni,  Outi Turpeinen, Edel O Reilly and Bilge Hasdemir.

For questions, please contact Bilge Hasdemir at  [email protected]


Application guidelines:

This open call is open to artists and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition at Aalto University in October-November 2019.

Application will only be accepted by email to [email protected]  by:

5:00pm Monday 17th June 2019

Email subject line must be: ‘ClimATE Open Call - Name of Applicant’

Please send the application by email as ONE SINGLE PDF attachment (not exceeding 10MB in size) which includes all supporting material as inserted images and live hyperlinks.

The application PDF must include, in this order:

  1. Name of applicant(s) (Individual or Collective)

  2. Named contact for project (One named individual)

  3. Contact details for named contact (Email, phone number)

  4. Project Title

  5. Project description (300 words maximum)

  6. Supporting materials:

    1. Artist Bio (150 word maximum)

    2. Artist Statement (150 word maximum)

    3. 4-6 high resolution images included in the single PDF (can include plans or renderings)

    4. Live hyperlinks (for video or audio links please use vimeo, youtube, soundcloud only) wetransfer links or any download links will not be accepted so please do not include. *Please note that video and audio links should be to clips or works no longer than 5 minutes duration.

Application will only be accepted by email to [email protected]

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