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The Operations Leadership with Gautam Basu podcast provides insights for today’s business leaders on creating value through operations improvement, process excellence, digital innovation, and leadership
Operations Leadership with Gautam Basu podcast. Photo: Aalto University / Roope Kiviranta
The Operations Leadership podcast is hosted by Professor of Practice Gautam Basu. Photo: Aalto University / Roope Kiviranta

Businesses operate under complex, dynamic, and uncertain environments. This requires operations leaders to make value and risk adjusted decisions in ever-changing operating conditions. The skill set for these leaders stretch beyond simple cost reduction and resource optimization.

Today’s operations leaders require a level of strategic foresight; an ability to design robust systems and processes to take into account customer, supply, environmental, and regulatory requirements; implement organizational change which fosters a culture of operational excellence, resilience, and embraces rather than inhibits innovation. This podcast will provide key insights into these topics and more from leading industry and academic thought leaders.

Welcome aboard Operations Leadership with Gautam Basu!

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NEW: Episode 10: Insights into Corporate Governance (20 January 2023)

In this episode, we welcome Vikash Sinha (Assistant Professor of Management Accounting at the Aalto University School of Business). During the interview, we cover principles, practices, and structures of corporate governance (CG), why it is especially important in these times, and why it is relevant for operations leaders. 

Episode 9: The Origins and Applications of Operations Research (15 December 2022)

In this episode, we welcome Juuso Liesiö (Associate Professor of Management Science at the Aalto University Business of School). Dr. Liesiö provides us with the origins, history, and applications of the field of Operations Research (OR).

Episode 8: Dynamics of the Maritime Shipping Industry (21 June 2022)

This episode's guest is Linda Johnstone Sorenson. Linda is an international operations leader based in Oslo, Norway. She has extensive experience in process improvement, human factors, QHSE operations in maritime shipping. During this conversation, she details the dynamics of the shipping industry and its impact on global trade, human factors related to the sector, industry initiatives to combat negative consequences to the marine environment, and the drivers of technology adoption in maritime shipping.

Episode 7: Evolution of Integrated Business Planning (17 May 2022)

In this episode, Tanguy Caillet (SVP of O9 Solutions) goes deep into the topic of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP). He gives us his experience on the processes, technologies, and how these solutions have evolved over the last two decades, which has further re-enforced belief that technology is a strong enabler in planning and decision making in global businesses.

Episode 6: Secure Logistics Service Operations (3 May 2022)

In this episode, Gautam Basu has a pleasure to have a discussion with Peeter Torim who is a seasoned operations leader and business executive from Tallinn, Estonia. They discuss several topics around secure logistics services, importance of physical cash, and his experience of transforming an organization from a local into a regional one.

Episode 5: Leading with Creativity (19 April 2022)

In this episode, Dr. Jari Vepsäläinen (post doctoral researcher at Aalto University) offers valuable insights on how individuals, teams, and leaders leverage creativity in coming up with novel and innovative solutions to complex engineering and operational challenges.

Episode 4: The Importance of Operations in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (5 April 2022)

In this episode, Mikko Järvinen (Partner at True North Search) describes the Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) model and the importance of operations in value creation within ETA.

Episode 3: Humanitarian Supply Chains (22 March 2022)

In this episode, Dr. Gyöngi Kovacs (Professor of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Hanken School of Economics) discusses the similarities and differences between humanitarian and normal business supply chains, attributes of humanitarian logistics operations, best practices in the domain, and how this might be applicable in the current Ukraine conflict.

Episode 2: Embedding Sustainability in Supply Chains (8 March 2022)

In this episode, Dr. Katri Kauppi (Associate Professor at Aalto University School of Business) provides an overview of sustainability practices in supply chain management with practical examples of best practices and valuable insights on the topic. 

Episode 1: Introducing Operations Leadership (released on 2 March 2022)

In this episode, host Gautam Basu gives a quick overview of the podcast series and provides the rationale for the need for strong operations leadership in today’s complex and dynamic business environment.

Gautam Basu, Professor of Practice in Logistics, works at the Department of Information and Service Management of the School of Business. His interests and specialization lie within the following domains:

  • Supply Chain & Operations Management
  • Digital Operations and Advanced Analytics
  • Operational Value Creation in Private Equity


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