Yuki Ono

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Postdoctoral Researcher


Local relaxation of residual stress in high-strength steel welded joints treated by HFMI

Y Ono, H Remes, K Kinoshita, HC Yildirim, A Nussbaumer 2024

Fatigue strength of shot-peened welded joints of steel bridges

Koji Kinoshita, Kiyoaki Sugawa, Yuki Banno, Yuki Ono, Shohei Yamada, Seiji Kameyama 2023

Local relaxation of residual stress in HFMI-treated high-strength steel welded joints subjected to high-peak loads

Yuki Ono, Heikki Remes, Koji Kinoshita, Halid Can Yildirim, Alain Nussbaumer 2023

Composition of rust layer and fatigue strength of weathering steel welded joints weathered for 41 years

Koji Kinoshita, Yuta Sakurai, Risa Banba, Rina Hasuike, Yuki Ono 2022

Detection of fatigue cracks under rust layer on out-of-plane gusset welded joints of weathering steel

Koji Kinoshita, Yuya Sasaki, Yuki Ono, Kazuma Inoue, Shuichi Ono 2022