Xiaolei Yuan

Xiaolei Yuan

Postdoctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
Postdoctoral Researcher
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Sähkömiehentie 4 02150 Espoo Finland
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Excellent graduate student

Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Konetekniikan laitos Jan 2019

Excellent graduation master thesis

Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Konetekniikan laitos Jan 2019

Chinese National scholarship (Master-level)

Palkinto tai huomionosoitus urasta Konetekniikan laitos Jan 2018

Shortlisted academic newcomer award outstanding doctoral candidate for Energy and Built Environment international journal

Only 6 doctoral candidates in the field of global architecture and artificial environment were shortlisted
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus urasta Konetekniikan laitos Jul 2021

Anshi Xia scholarship-Sanhua Award for postgraduate in 2021

"Professor Xia Anshi Education Foundation" was established in April 1996 by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Refrigeration Society and Shanghai Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Machinery Industry Association. Professor Shi, developing my country's refrigeration and air-conditioning industry and training refrigeration and air-conditioning talents, Comrade Wang Daohan wrote an inscription for the foundation. The foundation organized the selection of "Excellent Student Award" and "Outstanding Professor" for the majors of refrigeration and low temperature, HVAC (environmental construction) in colleges and universities across the country. The event is held every year. So far, 228 undergraduates, 27 master students, 60 doctoral students and 30 professors from 13 universities across the country have won awards. Since 2019, Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd. The Education Foundation Scholarship and Teaching Awards provide funding to reward outstanding professors and students in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China.
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus urasta Konetekniikan laitos Apr 2021

Buildings international journal 2021 Travel Award

This award is granted bu the international journal Buildings in MDPI to provide financial support for the winners to attend an international conference in the field of energy and related research to be held in 2021, in order to hold a presentation, present a poster, or both. Only two junior scientists in global architecture area were granted the travel award in 2021.
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Konetekniikan laitos Jun 2021

Research groups

  • Energiakonversio ja järjestelmät, Tutkijatohtori


Numerical modeling of non-uniform indoor temperature distribution for coordinated air flow control

Yuming Li, Yiqun Pan, Zhizhong Huang, Ling Fu, Jing Li, Tianrui Sun, Mingya Zhu, Xiaolei Yuan 2024 Journal of Building Engineering

Simplified Simulation Method of Diffusers for Indoor Non-Uniform Temperature Distribution : A Case Study in Shanghai

Yuming Li, Yiqun Pan, Zhizhong Huang, Yumin Liang, Xiaolei Yuan 2024 Buildings

Characterisation of the maximum entropy change in the process of drying materials based on a heat pump

Yifan Mao, Yongcun Li, Xiaolei Yuan, Risto Kosonen 2024 Thermal Science and Engineering Progress

Study of the Data Augmentation Approach for Building Energy Prediction beyond Historical Scenarios

Fang Haizhou, Hongwei Tan, Risto Kosonen, Xiaolei Yuan, Kai Jiang, Renrong Ding 2023 Buildings

TALOTEKNIIKKA 2030 - Rakennusten energiajoustavuus ja kulutusjousto

Juha Jokisalo, Matti Lehtonen, Yuchen Ju, Xiaolei Yuan, Risto Kosonen 2023

Enhancing operation flexibility of distributed energy systems : a flexible multi-objective optimization planning method considering long-term and temporary objectives

Xiaoyuan Li, Zhe Tian, Jide Niu, Xiaolei Yuan, Risto Kosonen, Rami Niemi, Bin Yang 2023 Building Simulation Conference Proceedings

Decarbonization potentials of the embodied energy use and operational process in buildings: A review from the life-cycle perspective

Yumin Liang, Changqi Li, Zhichao Liu, Xi Wang, Fei Zeng, Xiaolei Yuan, Yiqun Pan 2023 Heliyon

Surrogate modeling for long-term and high-resolution prediction of building thermal load with a metric-optimized KNN algorithm

Yumin Liang, Yiqun Pan, Xiaolei Yuan, Wenqi Jia, Zhizhong Huang 2023 Energy and Built Environment

Building energy simulation and its application for building performance optimization : A review of methods, tools, and case studies

Yiqun Pan, Mingya Zhu, Yan Lv, Yikun Yang, Yumin Liang, Ruxin Yin, Yiting Yang, Xiaoyu Jia, Xi Wang, Fei Zeng, Seng Huang, Danlin Hou, Lei Xu, Rongxin Yin, Xiaolei Yuan 2023 Advances in Applied Energy

An improved Method for determining optimal period of record under climate change

Xia Wu, Zhe Tian, Jide Niu, Xiaolei Yuan, Risto Kosonen, Bin Yang 2023 Building Simulation Conference Proceedings