Xiang Wang

Nanchang University, China
xiang wang

Dr. Xiang Wang is currently appointed as Ganjiang Distinguished Professor at College of Chemistry, Nanchang University. He got his Ph.D. in 1998 at Peking University, specialized in heterogeneous and environmental catalysis. Afterwards, he joined Northwestern University, Center for Catalysis and Surface Science, and University of Pennsylvania, Department of Chemical Engineering to do his postdoctoral research from 08/1998 to 09/2002. From 10/2002 to 03/2005, he was appointed as a research associate at Lehigh University, working on the application of various in-situ spectroscopic techniques to study the surfaces of solid oxide catalysts. After completing his university work, he started his industrial career in the US, first in EverNu Technology, LLC, as a Senior Research Chemist from 04/2005 to 12/2007, and then as a Research Chemist II in BASF Catalysts, LLC, from 01/2008 to 06/2010. In 07/2010, he was invited by Nanchang University to be a Ganjiang Distinguished Professor, research director of Industrial Catalysis and the director of the Key Lab of Environment and Energy Catalysis, Jiangxi Province. He is the Academic Committee Member of Chinese Chemical Society, Catalysis Division and Chinese Rare Earth Catalysis Committee. Currently, his researches focus on environmental protection, clean energy production catalysis, surface structural chemistry and catalytic structure-reactivity. Dr. Xiang Wang has published more than 120 peer reviewed papers, which have been cited about 3000 times.

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