Vasileios Bountourakis

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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  • Communication Acoustics: Spatial Sound and Psychoacoustics, Doctoral Researcher


Underwater soundfield visualisation using directionally constrained acoustic parameters

Vasileios Bountourakis, Ville Pulkki 2023 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Using optimal mass transport in bearing-time records for underwater target localization and tracking

Vasileios Bountourakis, Filip Elvander, Ville Pulkki 2023 Underwater Acoustic Conference and Exhibition Series

Towards a systematic approach to the design of the traditional bendir drum

Nikolaos Vryzas, Vasileios Bountourakis, Antonis Pagonis 2023 AES Europe 2023

Space-domain cross-pattern coherence post-filter for speech enhancement with linear microphone arrays

Stefan Wirler, Vasileios Bountourakis, Ville Pulkki 2023 Audio Engineering Society Convention 2023, 154

Multichannel speaker diarization with arbitrary microphone arrays

Paris Xylogiannis, Nikolaos Vryzas, Vasileios Bountourakis, Charalampos Dimoulas 2023 AES Europe 2023

Circular harmonic processing with an ad-hoc smartphone array for speech enhancement

Vasileios Bountourakis, Nikolaos Vryzas, Charalampos Dimoulas 2022 152nd AES Convention

Cross-pattern coherence spatial filtering with hydrophone arrays for passive-sonar applications

Vasileios Bountourakis, Ville Pulkki 2022 Proceedings of the 24th International Congress on Acoustics: A19: Underwater Acoustics

Spatial post-filter for linear hydrophone arrays with applications to underwater source localisation

Vasileios Bountourakis, Leo McCormack, Ville Pulkki 2022 JASA Express Letters

Parametric spatial post-filtering utilising high-order circular harmonics with applications to underwater sound-field visualisation

Vasileios Bountourakis, Leo McCormack, Mathias Winberg, Ville Pulkki 2021 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

An Enhanced Temporal Feature Integration Method for Environmental Sound Recognition

Vasileios Bountourakis, Lazaros Vrysis, Konstantinos Konstantoudakis, Nikolaos Vryzas 2019 Acoustics