Tanja Kallio

Aalto University, Finland
Tanja Kallio

Prof. Tanja Kallio, D.Sc.(Eng.), has been heading the Group of Electrochemical Energy Conversion at the Aalto University Department of Chemistry and Materials Science (Finland) since the year 2015. Her research focuses on investigation of materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices including acidic and alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cells, electrolyzers and alkali metal batteries. The core theme is improving the device sustainability by increasing material and operation efficiencies. She has published more than 150 journal articles reflecting her interest in material development for electrochemical energy applications and understanding of activity and durability complexities. She is known, in particularly, on her work with functionalized carbon nanomaterial based electroactive materials and lithium battery positive electrode material interface engineering. Her recent publications include development of durable platinum group metal lean electrodes for hydrogen oxidations and reduction reactions as well as layered lithium transition metal oxides with efficient surface and grain boundary coating.

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