Tanja Kallio

Aalto University, Finland
Tanja Kallio

Dr. Tanja Kallio, D.Sc.(Eng.), has been appointed as an Associate Professor at the Aalto University Department of Chemistry and Materials Science (Finland) in the year 2015. She received a D.Sc.(Eng.) degree on Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry from the Helsinki University of Technology in the year 2003. Since then she has been visiting scientists in groups with excellence in electrochemistry and material science including Univesidad de Alicante, Tartu University and Skolkova Institute of Science and Technology.

Tanja Kallio’s research focuses on investigation and development of materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices including polymer electrolyte fuel cells, electrolyzers, lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. The core theme is reducing the utilization of non-earth-abundant-elements without sacrificing the performance. She is known, in particularly, on her applied and fundamental work on functionalized carbon nanomaterial based electroactive materials.

She has published some one hundred journal articles reflecting her interest in material development for electrochemical energy applications and understanding of activity and durability complexities. Her recent publications include development of platinum group metal free carbon encapsulated iron electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in acidic electrolyzers whit similar performance to commercial platinum catalysts and ultra-low-platinum catalyst for hydrogen oxidation and reduction reactions with excellent activity and stability.

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