Swarnalok De

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T105 Chemistry and Materials
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Chemistry and Materials Science
Postdoctoral Researcher
Multifunctional Materials Design
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  • Multifunctional Materials Design, Postdoctoral Researcher


Bio‐Templated Silver Nanopatterns for Photothermal and Antifogging Coatings

Swarnalok De, Hoang M. Nguyen, Fangxin Zou, Fevzihan Basarir, Maryam Mousavi, Kristiina Mäkinen, Mauri A. Kostiainen, Jaana Vapaavuori 2023 Advanced Materials Interfaces

Potato virus A particles – A versatile material for self-assembled nanopatterned surfaces

Swarnalok De, Hoang M. Nguyen, Ville Liljeström, Kristiina Mäkinen, Mauri Kostiainen, Jaana Vapaavuori 2023 Virology

Controlling the Self-Assembly of Hierarchical PS-b-P4VP Structures Prepared by Dip-Coating and Emulsion Breath Figure Techniques

Hoang M. Nguyen, Ariane Mader, Swarnalok De, Fevzihan Basarir, Jaana Vapaavuori 2023 ChemistrySelect

Ultra-long silver nanowires prepared via hydrothermal synthesis enable efficient transparent heaters

Fevzihan Basarir, Swarnalok De, Hamidreza Daghigh Shirazi, Jaana Vapaavuori 2022 Nanoscale Advances

Flexuous plant viruses as nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Swarnalok De 2022 Nanomaterials in Clinical Therapeutics

Understanding nanodomain morphology formation in dip-coated PS-b-PEO thin films

Hoang M. Nguyen, Ariane Mader, Swarnalok De, Jaana Vapaavuori 2021 Nanoscale Advances

Controllable Production of Ag/Zn and Ag Particles from Hydrometallurgical Zinc Solutions

Zulin Wang, Pyry-Mikko Hannula, Swarnalok De, Benjamin P. Wilson, Jaana Vapaavuori, Kirsi Yliniemi, Mari Lundström 2021 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering