Sirkku Maarit Wallin

T213 Built Environment
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Areas of expertise

Participatory urban planning, Evalution reserach, Urban informatics, Digital tools, Participatory Action Resarch

Research groups

  • Planning and Transportation, Visitor (Faculty)


Features and Consequences of Flat Ontology in Expanded Urban Planning

Sirkku Wallin, Karoliina Jarenko, Liisa Horelli 2021 disP

Managing urban complexity

Sirkku Wallin 2019

Urban Living Labs. Experimentations with visualizing, anticipating and steering urban development

Sirkku Wallin, Liisa Horelli, Lars A. Engberg 2017 Planning Projects in Transition. Interventions, regulations and investments

Keilaniemi, Espoo. A Large Scale Solution Seeking a Problem, and Facing Dilemmas

Raine Mäntysalo, Simo Tuppurainen, Sirkku Wallin 2016 Planning Projects in Transition

When Self-Organization Intersects with Urban Planning

Liisa Horelli, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Sirkku Wallin, Andrea Botero 2015 Planning Practice and Research

From Statutory Urban Planning to Living Labs

Sirkku Wallin, Aija Saffans 2015 Orchestrating Regional Innovation Systems Espoo Innovation Garden

Exploring the use of PPGIS in self-organizing urban development: Case softGIS in Pacific Beach

Kaisa Schmidt-Thome, Sirkku Wallin, Tiina Laatikainen, Jonna Kangasoja, Marketta Kyttä 2014 Journal of Community Informatics

Gender-sensitive e-planning for sustaining everyday life

Liisa Horelli, Sirkku Wallin 2013 Fair Shared Cities: the impact of gender planning

Starting Points

Liisa Horelli, Sirkku Wallin 2013 New approaches to urban planning : insights from participatory communities