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T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Biomolecular Materials, Senior Scientist


Biomolecular Click Reactions Using a Minimal pH-Activated Catcher/Tag Pair for Producing Native-Sized Spider-Silk Proteins

Ruxia Fan, Johanna Hakanpää, Karoliina Elfving, Helena Taberman, Markus B. Linder, A. Sesilja Aranko 2023

Upcycling of Keratin Wastes in Sustainable Textile Fiber Applications

Wenwen Fang, Ruxia Fan, A. Sesilja Aranko, Michael Hummel, Herbert Sixta 2023

Triblock Proteins with Weakly Dimerizing Terminal Blocks and an Intrinsically Disordered Region for Rational Design of Condensate Properties

Dmitrii Fedorov, Nelmary Roas-Escalona, Dmitry Tolmachev, Adam L. Harmat, Alberto Scacchi, Maria Sammalkorpi, A. Sesilja Aranko, Markus B. Linder 2023

Molecular mechanisms mediating stiffening in the mechanically adaptable connective tissues of sea cucumbers

Marie Bonneel, Elise Hennebert, A. Sesilja Aranko, Dong Soo Hwang, Mathilde Lefevre, Valentine Pommier, Ruddy Wattiez, Jérôme Delroisse, Patrick Flammang 2022

Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation and Assembly of Silk-like Proteins is Dependent on the Polymer Length

Laura Lemetti, Alberto Scacchi, Yin Yin, Mengjie Shen, Markus B. Linder, Maria Sammalkorpi, A. Sesilja Aranko 2022

Recombinant Spider Silk Protein and Delignified Wood Form a Strong Adhesive System

Laura Lemetti, Jennifer Tersteegen, Juuso Sammaljärvi, A. Sesilja Aranko, Markus B. Linder 2022

The Convergence of the Hedgehog/Intein Fold in Different Protein Splicing Mechanisms

Hannes M. Beyer, Salla I. Virtanen, A. Sesilja Aranko, Kornelia M. Mikula, George T. Lountos, Alexander Wlodawer, O. H.Samuli Ollila, Hideo Iwaï 2020

Sea star-inspired recombinant adhesive proteins self-assemble and adsorb on surfaces in aqueous environments to form cytocompatible coatings

Mathilde Lefevre, Patrick Flammang, A. Sesilja Aranko, Markus B. Linder, Thomas Scheibel, Martin Humenik, Maxime Leclercq, Mathieu Surin, Lionel Tafforeau, Ruddy Wattiez, Philippe Leclère, Elise Hennebert 2020

Substrate specificities of inteins investigated by QuickDrop-cassette mutagenesis

Jesper S. Oeemig, Hannes M. Beyer, A. Sesilja Aranko, Justus Mutanen, Hideo Iwaï 2020

Molecular crowding facilitates assembly of spidroin-like proteins through phase separation

Laura Lemetti, Sami Pekka Hirvonen, Dmitrii Fedorov, Piotr Batys, Maria Sammalkorpi, Heikki Tenhu, Markus B. Linder, A. Sesilja Aranko 2019

Biomimetic composites with enhanced toughening using silk-inspired triblock proteins and aligned nanocellulose reinforcements

Pezhman Mohammadi, A. Sesilja Aranko, Christopher P. Landowski, Olli Ikkala, Kristaps Jaudzems, Wolfgang Wagermaier, Markus B. Linder 2019

Phase transitions as intermediate steps in the formation of molecularly engineered protein fibers

Pezhman Mohammadi, Aino Sesilja Aranko, Laura Lemetti, Zoran Cenev, Quan Zhou, Salla Virtanen, Christopher P. Landowski, Merja Penttilä, Wolfgang J. Fischer, Wolfgang Wagermaier, Markus Linder 2018

Nature's recipe for splitting inteins

Aino Sesilja Aranko, Alexander Wlodawer, Hideo Iwaï 2014

Structure-based engineering and comparison of novel split inteins for protein ligation

A. Sesilja Aranko, Jesper S. Oeemig, Dongwen Zhou, Tommi Kajander, Alexander Wlodawer, Hideo Iwaï 2014

Intermolecular domain swapping induces intein-mediated protein alternative splicing

Sesilja Aranko, Jesper S. Oeemig, Tommi Kajander, Hideo Iwaï 2013

Use of protein trans-splicing to produce active and segmentally 2H, 15N labeled mannuronan C5-epimerase AlgE4

Edith Buchinger, Finn L. Aachmann, Sesilja Aranko, Svein Valla, Gudmund Skjåk-BræK, Hideo Iwaï, Reinhard Wimmer 2010

In vivo and in vitro protein ligation by naturally occurring and engineered split DnaE inteins

A. Sesilja Aranko, Sara Züger, Edith Buchinger, Hideo Iwaï 2009

Segmental isotopic labeling of a central domain in a multidomain protein by protein traws-splicing using only one robust dnae intein

Alena E L Busche, Sesilja Aranko, Mehdi Talebzadeh-Farooji, Frank Bernhard, Volker Dötsch, Hideo Iwaï 2009

Solution structure of DnaE intein from Nostoc punctiforme

Jesper S. Oeemig, Sesilja Aranko, Janica Djupsjöbacka, Kimmo Heinämäki, Hideo Iwaï 2009