Sara Lindeman

E706 Dept. Management Studies
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Inclusive business, Frugal innovation, Reverse innovation, Social innovation, Market studies, Sustainable development


Bridging divergent institutional logics through intermediation practices

Jarkko Levänen, Sara Lindeman, Minna Halme, Matti Tervo, Tatu Lyytinen 2022 Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Interplay of cultures : 25 years of education in global sustainability and humanitarian development at Aalto University

Saija Hollmen, Tomà Berlanda, Saija Hollmen, Hennu Kjisik, Sara Lindeman, Matleena Muhonen, Taru Niskanen, Charlotte Nyholm, Juhani Pallasmaa, Helena Sandman, Veikko Vasko, Inari Virkkala 2018

Developing balancing practices to overcome institutional voids in Tanzanian forest sector management

Jarkko Levänen, Sara Lindeman, Matti Tervo, Tatu Lyytinen, Minna Halme 2018

Meeting the Complexity of the Real World Tanzania 2013-2014

Sara Lindeman, Helena Sandman 2018 Interplay of Cultures

Sustainability Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid through Multi-Sited Rapid Ethnography

Minna Halme, Arno Kourula, Sara Lindeman, Galina Kallio, Maria Lima-Toivanen, Angelina Korsunova-Tsaruk 2016 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT

Innovation for inclusive business: Intrapreneurial bricolage in multinational corporations

Minna Halme, Sara Lindeman, Paula Linna 2012 Journal of Management Studies

Innovation toward Inclusive Growth within Multinational Corporations: Intrapreneurship and Bricolage in Nokia and ABB

M. Halme, S. Lindeman, P. Linna 2010 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), Montréal, Canada, August 6-10, 2010

Using Ethnographic Research Methods in Studying Practices among the Poor Populations in Emerging Markets

M. Halme, G. Kallio, A. Kourula, M. Lima-Toivanen, S. Lindeman, T. Peltonen 2010 3rd Qualitative Research Conference, Vaasa, Finland, 1-3.6.2010

Innovating sustainable energy for the rural BOP: Bricolage and intrapreneurship in ABB’s mini-hydro power project in rural Ethiopia

M. Halme, S. Lindeman 2009 Joint action on Climate Change Conference, Alborg, Denmark, June 8-10, 2009