Sanna Syri

T212 Mechanical Engineering

Sanna Syri’s research focuses on efficient mitigation of climate change in large-scale  energy systems, especially regarding international electricity markets and sustainable future district heat systems. She carries out research projects in national and European research programmes.

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  • Energy efficiency and systems, Professor


Electricity Market Impacts of Low-carbon Energy Transition in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Anahita Farsaei, Ville Olkkonen, Xiaoming Kan, Sanna Syri 2022 Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

Carrying out a multi-model integrated assessment of European energy transition pathways : Challenges and benefits

F. Gardumi, I. Keppo, M. Howells, S. Pye, G. Avgerinopoulos, V. Lekavičius, A. Galinis, L. Martišauskas, U. Fahl, P. Korkmaz, D. Schmid, R. Cunha Montenegro, S. Syri, A. Hast, U. Mörtberg, O. Balyk, K. Karlsson, X. Pang, G. Mozgeris, R. Trubins, D. Jaksic, I. M. Turalija, M. Mikulić 2022 Energy

Transition towards university campus carbon neutrality by connecting to city district heating network

Pauli Hiltunen, Anna Volkova, Eduard Latõšov, Kertu Lepiksaar, Sanna Syri 2022 Energy Reports

Efficient solar PV integration to data centers in a Nordic climate

Johannes Hyvonen, Sanna Syri 2022 18th International Conference on the European Energy Market, EEM 2022

Abandoning peat in a city district heat system with wind power, heat pumps, and heat storage

Nima Javanshir, Sanna Syri, Antti Teräsvirta, Ville Olkkonen 2022 Energy Reports

Is Electrified Low-Carbon District Heating Able to Manage Electricity Price Shocks?

Nima Javanshir, Pauli Hiltunen, Sanna Syri 2022 18th International Conference on the European Energy Market, EEM 2022

The Anatomy of Unaffordable Electricity in Northern Europe in 2021

Jaakko Jääskeläinen, Kaisa Huhta, Sanna Syri 2022 Energies

Contributing factors for electricity storage in a carbon-free power system

Tero Koivunen, Sanna Syri, Noora Veijalainen 2022 International Journal of Energy Research

Sustainable heating alternatives for 1960's and 1970's renovated apartment buildings

Iraj Moradpoor, Sanna Syri, Janne Hirvonen 2022 Cleaner Environmental Systems

Decarbonization strategies of Helsinki metropolitan area district heat companies

Yijie Su, Pauli Hiltunen, Sanna Syri, Dilip Khatiwada 2022 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews