Sandra Kaabel

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T105 Chemistry and Materials
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CHEM School Research Action of the Year 2022

The research act of the year is awarded to Eduardo Anaya-Plaza and Dr. Sandra Kaabel based on their successful transition from a senior postdoc to junior PI (Marie Curie PD, Academy of Finland Research Fellow).​ <br/><br/>The researchers have carried out excellent collaboration and a shared paper: A Greener Route to Blue: Solid-State Synthesis of Phthalocyanines in Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 61, 42, 7 p., e202209033.​ <br/><br/>The excellence and impact of the paper has been immediately recognized by the community: the paper is in the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric and the paper was selected as a cover picture. ​The researchers have been invited to prepare a review to ChemPlusChem, and a highlight in Synthetic Letters​. Eduardo was also invited to submit Young Researcher profile in Angewandte Chemie International Edition (​). <br/><br/>Both have also actively contributed to the department level activities and course teaching, not to mention the extensive supervision tasks and building up international collaboration networks (e.g. with Technical University of München and University of Barcelona). Eduardo’s and Sandra’s cooperation is a true example of bottom-up research that stems from coffee room discussions, where a group of people with diverse backgrounds get together, discuss science, form a group, execute the work, and finally get exciting results.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Dec 2022

Research groups

  • Synthesis Technologies, Assistant Professor


Solid-state Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Mixed PET-Cotton Textiles

Sandra Kaabel, Jane Arciszewski, Tristan H. Borchers, J. P. Daniel Therien, Tomislav Friscic, Karine Auclair 2023

A Greener Route to Blue: Solid-State Synthesis of Phthalocyanines

Daniel Langerreiter, Mauri A. Kostiainen, Sandra Kaabel, Eduardo Anaya-Plaza 2022

Enzymatic depolymerization of highly crystalline polyethylene terephthalate enabled in moist-solid reaction mixtures

Sandra Kaabel, J. P. Daniel Therien, Catherine E. Deschênes, Dustin Duncan, Tomislav Friščic, Karine Auclair 2021

Cyclohexanohemicucurbit[8]uril Inclusion Complexes With Heterocycles and Selective Extraction of Sulfur Compounds From Water

Tatsiana Shalima, Kamini A. Mishra, Sandra Kaabel, Lukas Ustrnul, Simona Bartkova, Kaia Tõnsuaadu, Ivo Heinmaa, Riina Aav 2021

Crystal structure and magnetic properties of peacock–weakley type polyoxometalates Na9 [Ln(W5 O18)2] (Ln = Tm, Yb): Rare example of Tm(III) SMM

Oleksandra Yu Mariichak, Sandra Kaabel, Yevgen A. Karpichev, Georgiy M. Rozantsev, Serhii V. Radio, Céline Pichon, Hélène Bolvin, Jean Pascal Sutter 2020

Dynamic chiral cyclohexanohemicucurbit[12]uril

Kamini A. Mishra, Jasper Adamson, Mario Öeren, Sandra Kaabel, Maria Fomitšenko, Riina Aav 2020

New oxacalix[4]arene carboxylate detects viologen in protic media

Anna Peterson, Mari Liis Ludvig, Jevgenija Martõnova, Sandra Kaabel, Paul Kerner, Merle Uudsemaa, Aleksander Trummal, Maria Fomitšenko, Tõnis Pehk, Riina Aav, Jasper Adamson 2020

Site-Selective and Stereoselective C-H Functionalization of N-Cyclopropylamides via a Directed Remote Metalation Strategy

Yuri Ermolovich, Maryia V. Barysevich, Jasper Adamson, Oksana Rogova, Sandra Kaabel, Ivar Järving, Nicholas Gathergood, Victor Snieckus, Dzmitry G. Kananovich 2019

Benzyne-Mediated Nonconcerted Pathway toward Synthesis of Sterically Crowded [5]- And [7]Oxahelicenoids, Stereochemical and Theoretical Studies, and Optical Resolution of Helicenoids

Prashant M. Gawade, Vaibhav N. Khose, Purav M. Badani, Mohammed Hasan, Sandra Kaabel, Shaikh M. Mobin, Victor Borovkov, Anil V. Karnik 2019