Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi

Doctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
Doctoral Researcher

Energy conversion and storage devices
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)
Additive manufacturing

2D nanomaterials

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Areas of expertise

221 Nanotechnology, 114 Physical sciences, 216 Materials engineering, Fuel cells, solar energy, Ceramic materials, Functional materials, semiconductors

Honors and awards

Winner of the Millennium Graduate Student Contest 2022

The contest offers emerging researchers a platform to present their work and make new connections. Participants representing Millennium Technology Prize partners, partnering universities and VTT have three minutes to give a pitch on how their research helps to solve a contemporary problem, promoting innovations for a better life.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Applied Physics Oct 2022

Research groups

  • New Energy Technologies, Doctoral Researcher


A novel CuFe2O4 ink for the fabrication of low-temperature ceramic fuel cell cathodes through inkjet printing

Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi, Peter D. Lund, Muhammad Imran Asghar 2023 Materials Advances

Development and characterization of highly stable electrode inks for low-temperature ceramic fuel cells

Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D. Lund 2022 Journal of Power Sources

A review on solid oxide fuel cell durability : Latest progress, mechanisms, and study tools

Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D. Lund 2022 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Recent Progress in the Study of Thermal Properties and Tribological Behaviors of Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Reinforced Composites

Maryam Khalaj, Sanaz Zarabi Golkhatmi, Sayed Ali Ahmad Alem, Kahila Baghchesaraee, Mahdi Hasanzadeh Azar, Shayan Angizi 2020 Journal of composites science