Rodrigo Serna Guerrero

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
T106 Chemical and Metallurgical Eng
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  • Mineral Processing and Recycling, Professori (Associate Professor)


Enhanced electrochemical discharge of Li-ion batteries for safe recycling

Neha Garg, Simo Pekkinen, Eduardo Martínez González, Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero, Pekka Peljo, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio 2024

A study on recovery strategies of graphite from mixed lithium-ion battery chemistries using froth flotation

Hanna Sahivirta, Benjamin P. Wilson, Mari Lundström, Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero 2024

A multi-dimensional indicator for material and energy circularity: proof-of-concept of exentropy in Li-ion battery recycling

Minerva Vierunketo, Anna Klemettinen, Markus Reuter, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Rodrigo Serna Guerrero 2023

Exentropy: a novel engineering tool to evaluate energy and material circularity

Minerva Vierunketo, Anna Klemettinen, Markus Reuter, Rodrigo Serna Guerrero 2023

Physical-chemical study of IPETC and PAX collector's adsorption on covellite surface

Yesica L. Botero, Andrés Canales-Mahuzier, Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero, Alejandro López-Valdivieso, Mostafa Benzaazoua, Luis A. Cisternas 2022

Toward the Implementation of Circular Economy Strategies: An Overview of the Current Situation in Mineral Processing

Luis A. Cisternas, Javier I. Ordóñez, Ricardo I. Jeldres, Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero 2022

N-Alkylated Chitin Nanocrystals as a Collector in Malachite Flotation

Robert Hartmann, Marco Beaumont, Eva Pasquier, Thomas Rosenau, Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero 2022