Robert Drost

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Atomic Scale Physics, Academy Postdoctoral Researcher


Reply to: “Topological and trivial domain wall states in engineered atomic chains”

Md Nurul Huda, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Teemu Ojanen, Robert Drost, Peter Liljeroth 2022 npj Quantum Materials

Tuneable topological domain wall states in engineered atomic chains

Md Huda, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Teemu Ojanen, Robert Drost, Peter Liljeroth 2020 npj Quantum Materials

Topological states in engineered atomic lattices

Robert Drost, Teemu Ojanen, Ari Harju, Peter Liljeroth 2017 Nature Physics

Synthesis of Extended Atomically Perfect Zigzag Graphene - Boron Nitride Interfaces

R. Drost, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Mikko Ervasti, Sampsa Hämäläinen, F. Schulz, A. Harju, P. Liljeroth 2015 Scientific Reports

Field-Emission Resonances on Graphene on Insulators

P. Järvinen, A. Kumar, R. Drost, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, A. Uppstu, A. Harju, P. Liljeroth 2015 Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Ultra-narrow metallic armchair graphene nanoribbons

A. Kimouche, Mikko Ervasti, R. Drost, S. Halonen, A. Harju, Pekka Joensuu, J. Sainio, P. Liljeroth 2015 Nature Communications

Many-body transitions in a single molecule visualized by scanning tunnelling microscopy

F. Schulz, M. Ijäs, R. Drost, Sampsa Hämäläinen, A. Harju, A.P. Seitsonen, Peter Liljeroth 2015 Nature Physics

Electronic states at the graphene - hexagonal boron nitride zigzag interface

R. Drost, A. Uppstu, F. Schulz, Sampsa Hämäläinen, M. Ervasti, A. Harju, P. Liljeroth 2014 Nano Letters

Epitaxial hexagonal boron nitride on Ir(111): A work function template

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