Risto Lahdelma

T212 Mechanical Engineering

Professor Risto Lahdelma's research interests include the following:

  • Mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization and multicriteria decision support
  • Applications in energy systems and also other areas such as production planning and environmental problems
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Areas of expertise

Energy Technology for Communities, Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA), Mathematical modeling, Optimization, Operations research, Energy systems, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Logic programming, Systems analysis, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Combined Heat and Power, District heating, MCDA

Honors and awards

The International DHC+ Student Awards; Kontu Kaisa, Fang Tingting DHC+ Technology Platform, Belgium

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mechanical Engineering Jan 2013

Research groups

  • Operations Research and Systems Analysis, Professor
  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Professor


District heating load patterns and short-term forecasting for buildings and city level

Pengmin Hua, Haichao Wang, Zichan Xie, Risto Lahdelma 2024

Unveiling the Decision-Making Dilemmas in Mini-Grids: The Intricate Case of Smart Meters

Venkata Bandi, Tiia Sahrakorpi, Jukka Paatero, Risto Lahdelma 2023

Household Electricity Cost Optimization with Vehicle-to-Home Technology and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Johannes Einolander, Annamari Kiviaho, Risto Lahdelma 2023 2023 International Conference on Future Energy Solutions, FES 2023

Impact of V2G, V2H and FCR to Electricity Costs of Households with Varying Primary Heating Sources

Johannes Einolander, Annamari Kiviaho, Risto Lahdelma 2023 2023 IEEE 26th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSC 2023

A zoned group control of indoor temperature based on MPC for a space heating building

Haichao Wang, Sheng Bo, Chuanzhi Zhu, Pengmin Hua, Zichan Xie, Chong Xu, Tianyu Wang, Xiangli Li, Hai Wang, Risto Lahdelma, Katja Granlund, Esa Teppo 2023

Heat-power peak shaving and wind power accommodation of combined heat and power plant with thermal energy storage and electric heat pump

Haichao Wang, Jianbo Han, Ruoyu Zhang, Mingyi Sun, Zongyu Sun, Pengmin Hua, Zichan Xie, Hai Wang, Elnaz Abdollahi, Risto Lahdelma, Katja Granlund, Esa Teppo 2023