Risto Lahdelma

T212 Mechanical Engineering

Professor Risto Lahdelma's research interests include the following:

  • Mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization and multicriteria decision support
  • Applications in energy systems and also other areas such as production planning and environmental problems
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Areas of expertise

Energy Technology for Communities, Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA), Mathematical modeling, Optimization, Operations research, Energy systems, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Logic programming, Systems analysis, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Combined Heat and Power, District heating, MCDA

Honors and awards

The International DHC+ Student Awards; Kontu Kaisa, Fang Tingting DHC+ Technology Platform, Belgium

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mechanical Engineering Jan 2013

Research groups

  • Energy efficiency and systems, Professor


The paradox of mini-grid business models: A conflict between business viability and customer affordability in rural India

Venkata Bandi, Tiia Sahrakorpi, Jukka V. Paatero, Risto Lahdelma 2022 Energy Research and Social Science

Multicriteria Decision Aiding for Planning Renewable Power Production at Moroccan Airports

Abdellah Menou, Risto Lahdelma, Pekka Salminen 2022 Energies

Heat-power decoupling and energy saving of the CHP unit with heat pump based waste heat recovery system

Haichao Wang, Pengmin Hua, Xiaozhou Wu, Ruoyu Zhang, Katja Granlund, Ji Li, Yingjie Zhu, Risto Lahdelma, Esa Teppo, Li Yu 2022 Energy

Enabling Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Become Leaders in Energy Efficiency Using a Continuous Maturity Matrix

Zarrin Fatima, Virpi Oksman, Risto Lahdelma 2021 Sustainability (Switzerland)

Energy supply and storage optimization for mixed-type buildings

Rebecka Rikkas, Risto Lahdelma 2021 Energy

Waste heat recovery mechanism for coal-fired flue gas in a counter-flow direct contact scrubber

Haichao Wang, Xiaozhou Wu, Zheyi Liu, Katja Granlund, Risto Lahdelma, Ji Li, Esa Teppo, Li Yu, Lin Duamu, Xiangli Li, Ilkka Haavisto 2021 Energy