Risto Kosonen

T212 Mechanical Engineering

Professorship is in the area of HVAC technology with focus on indoor climate, high performing building services and as well as energy efficiency in buildings. Current research projects are focused on energy efficiency of building and near zone area, utilization of digitalization & IoT and indoor climate. Earlier 20 years experience in industry of business development, research and development of HVAC- systems and services.  Leadership experience in several research projects with industry during 25 years including cooperation with international universities. Author of over 320 international publications. Nine European patents (EPO) of indoor climate and energy systems. He has been reviewer of H2020 European projects, evaluator of EU Structural Fund on Industry Driven Research in Latvia and Poland and also Estonian science Centers of Excellences. Prof.  Kosonen has been a keynote speaker in international conferences e.g. in China and Romania and he is President of ROOMVENTILATION Conference 2018.

Prof. Kosonen is President of Federation of Finnish HVAC associations and Chair of Indoor Climate Association in Finland. Board and committee membership of e.g. IBPSA Nordic, AIVC and REHVA organizations. He is member of several committees: REHVA Technical Committee; REHVA-ISHRAE (India); REHVA-CCHVAC (China).  Awards, prizes and honours:  REHVA Professional Award of Technology, Rydberg Gold Medal that is Scanvac’s highest distinction on research of indoor air quality, air distribution and ventilation and REHVA Fellow. He has got of awards of papers: Best Paper Award 2016 in Building and Environment Journal and Best paper Award in ventilation 2015 conference in Shanghai 2015

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Areas of expertise

Energy and HVAC-systems in buildings, HVAC, Ventilation, Indoor air quality, Thermal comfort, Air distribution

Honors and awards

REHVA Professional Award in Technology

European HVAC federation award of technology development
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mechanical Engineering Mar 2018

Roomvent and Ventilation Best paper award

Award or honor granted for a specific work Energy efficiency and systems Jan 2018

Best Paper Award in Ventilation 2015 Conference, Shanghai

Award or honor granted for a specific work Jan 2015

Master-builder-engineering, All Russia public organization and confederation of Finnish construction industries

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Jan 2013

REHVA Fellow

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Jan 2011

Best Paper Award, Building and Environment Journal

Award or honor granted for a specific work Jan 2016

John Rydberg gold metal

In recognition of his outstanding scientific and professional contribution to the air distribution and ventilation technology
Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Mechanical Engineering Jun 2013

Research groups

  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Professor (Associate Professor)


Evaluating thermal response when elderly people using local cooling devices : Correlation among overall and local thermal sensation with skin temperature

Minzhou Chen, Jaafar Younes, Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Simo Kilpeläinen, Risto Kosonen, Nesreen Ghaddar, Kamel Ghali, Arsen Krikor Melikov 2024 Building and Environment

Overheating assessment for apartments during average and hot summers in the Nordic climate

Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Ilia kravchenko, Juha Jokisalo, Natalia Korhonen, Kirsti Jylhä, Risto Kosonen 2024 BUILDING RESEARCH AND INFORMATION

Toiminnanvarmistus on investointi rakennuksen elinkaaren yli

Risto Kosonen 2024 KITA kiinteistö ja talotekniikka

Characterisation of the maximum entropy change in the process of drying materials based on a heat pump

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Simulation analysis of Finnish residential buildings’ resilience to hot summers under a changing climate

Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Juha Jokisalo, Natalia Korhonen, Kirsti Jylhä, Risto Kosonen 2024 Journal of Building Engineering

CO2 Emissions Reduction 2 Potential with Novel Energy Renovation Technologies in English and Spanish Climate Conditions

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A novel personal comfort system for older adults in hot conditions : Design, modelling, and performance

Jaafar Younes, Minzhou Chen, Kamel Ghali, R Kosonen, Arsen Krikor Melikov, S Kilpeläinen, Nesreen Ghaddar 2024 Building and Environment

Overheating calculation methods, criteria, and indicators in European regulation for residential buildings

Shady Attia, Caroline Benzidane, Ramin Rahif, Deepak Amaripadath, Mohamed Hamdy, Peter Holzer, Annekatrin Koch, Anton Maas, Sven Moosberger, Steffen Petersen, Anna Mavrogianni, Juan Maria Hidalgo-Betanzos, Manuela Almeida, Jan Akander, Hossein Khosravi Bakhtiari, Olivier Kinnane, Risto Kosonen, Salvatore Carlucci 2023 Energy and Buildings

Thermal comfort chamber study of Nordic elderly people with local cooling devices in warm conditions

Minzhou Chen, Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Simo Kilpeläinen, Risto Kosonen, Jaafar Younes, Nesreen Ghaddar, Kamel Ghali, Arsen Krikor Melikov 2023 Building and Environment