Richard Darst

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Staff Scientist
T320 School common, SCI
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A collection of public transport network data sets for 25 cities

Rainer Kujala, Johan Weckström, Richard Darst, Milos Mladenovic, Jari Saramäki 2018 Scientific Data

Data Collection for Mental Health Studies Through Digital Platforms: Requirements and Design of a Prototype

Talayeh Aledavood, Ana Triana Hoyos, Tuomas Alakörkkö, Kimmo Kaski, Jari Saramäki, Erkki Isometsä, Richard Darst 2017 JMIR Research Protocols

Detection of timescales in evolving complex systems

Richard Darst, Clara Granell, Alex Arenas, Sergio Gómez, Jari Saramäki, Santo Fortunato 2016 Scientific Reports

Algorithm independent bounds on community detection problems and associated transitions in stochastic block model graphs

Richard K. Darst, David R. Reichman, Peter Ronhovde, Zohar Nussinov 2015 Journal of Complex Networks

Benchmark model to assess community structure in evolving networks

Clara Granell, Richard K Darst, Alex Arenas, Santo Fortunato, Sergio Gómez 2015 Physical Review E

Triadic closure as a basic generating mechanism of communities in complex networks

G. Bianconi, R.K. Darst, J. Iacovacci, Santo Fortunato 2014 Physical Review E

Improving the performance of algorithms to find communities in networks

R.K. Darst, Z. Nussinov, Santo Fortunato 2014 Physical Review E

Community detection in networks: Structural communities versus ground truth

Darko Hric, Richard K. Darst, Santo Fortunato 2014 Physical Review E