Rhodri Mansell

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T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Nanomagnetism and Spintronics, Research Fellow


Electric field control of RKKY coupling through solid-state ionics

Maria Ameziane, Roy Rosenkamp, Lukáš Flajšman, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Rhodri Mansell 2023 Applied Physics Letters

Solid-State Lithium Ion Supercapacitor for Voltage Control of Skyrmions

Maria Ameziane, Joonatan Huhtasalo, Lukáš Flajšman, Rhodri Mansell, Sebastiaan van Dijken 2023 Nano Letters

Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Bi-substituted yttrium iron garnet films

Sreeveni Das, Rhodri Mansell, Lukáš Flajšman, Lide Yao, Sebastiaan van Dijken 2023 Journal of Applied Physics

Skyrmion size and density in lattices

Rhodri Mansell, Joonatan Huhtasalo, Maria Ameziane, Sebastiaan van Dijken 2023 Journal of Applied Physics

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Voltage Control of Perpendicular Magnetization

Maria Ameziane, Rhodri Mansell, Ville Havu, Patrick Rinke, Sebastiaan van Dijken 2022 Advanced Functional Materials

Interaction of propagating spin waves with extended skyrmions

Rhodri Mansell, Taddäus Schaffers, Rasmus B. Holländer, Huajun Qin, Sebastiaan Van Dijken 2022 Applied Physics Letters

Weakly pinned skyrmion liquid in a magnetic heterostructure

Rhodri Mansell, Yifan Zhou, Kassius Kohvakka, See Chen Ying, Ken R. Elder, Enzo Granato, Tapio Ala-Nissila, Sebastiaan Van Dijken 2022 Physical Review B

Non-volatile voltage control of in-plane and out-of-plane magnetization in polycrystalline Ni films on ferroelectric PMN-PT (001)pcsubstrates

M. Ghidini, F. Ye, N. J. Steinke, R. Mansell, C. H.W. Barnes, N. D. Mathur 2021 Journal of Applied Physics

Electronic and Magnetic Characterization of Epitaxial CrBr3 Monolayers on a Superconducting Substrate

Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Orlando J. Silveira, Md N. Huda, Viliam Vaňo, Markus Aapro, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Jouko Lahtinen, Rhodri Mansell, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Adam S. Foster, Peter Liljeroth 2021 Advanced Materials

Thermal motion of skyrmion arrays in granular films

Yifan Zhou, Rhodri Mansell, Tapio Ala-Nissila, Sebastiaan Van Dijken 2021 Physical Review B