Raimo Hämäläinen

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
T302 Dept. Mathematics and Systems Analysis
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Game Theory, Environmental decision making, Systems Intelligence, Systems analysis, Experimental Economics, Mathematical Modelling, Operations research, Decision making, Mallintaminen, Systeemiäly, Päätöksenteko, Operaatiotutkimus

Honors and awards

The MCDM Edgeworth-Pareto Award International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Canada

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis Jan 2004


A Competency Framework for Participatory Modeling

Sondoss Elsawah, Elena Bakhanova, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Alexey Voinov 2023 Group Decision and Negotiation

Participatory modelling and systems intelligence: A systems-based and transdisciplinary partnership

Daniel C. Kenny, Elena Bakhanova, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Alexey Voinov 2022 Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

On the systems intelligence of a learning organization: Introducing a new measure

Juha Törmänen, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen 2022 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT QUARTERLY

Perceived systems intelligence and performance in organizations

Juha Törmänen, Raimo Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen 2022 LEARNING ORGANIZATION

A decision support tool for multi-attribute evaluation of demand-side commercial battery storage products

Ziqian Wu, Kaveh Khalilpour, Raimo P. Hämäläinen 2022 Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments

Taking stock of behavioural OR

L. Alberto Franco, Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Etiënne A.J.A. Rouwette, Ilkka Leppänen 2021 European Journal of Operational Research

System intelligence as an organizational approach for service designers

J. Tuomas Harviainen, Raimo Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen 2021 TOUCHPOINT: THE JOURNAL OF SERVICE DESIGN

Multicriteria Methods for Group Decision Processes: An Overview

Ahti Salo, Raimo Hämäläinen, Tuomas Lahtinen 2021 Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation

Design Gaming for Learning Systems Intelligence in Socio‐Emotional Systems

Raimo Hämäläinen, Kata-Riikka Kumpulainen, J. Tuomas Harviainen, Esa Saarinen 2020 Systems Research and Behavioral Science

Leadership in participatory modelling – Is there a need for it?

Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Iwona Miliszewska, Alexey Voinov 2020 Environmental Modelling and Software