Prasad Jayathurathnage

T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
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ISMICT 2019 Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award at the ISMICT 2019 conference held in May 2019 in Oslo, Norway, for the paper "High-Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer System for Capsule Endoscope".
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering May 2019

The best paper award IEEE-PEMC 2018

The Best Paper Award for the paper “Expandable N-Legged Converter for Dynamic Wireless power Transfer” in IEEE The Power Electronics and Motion Control (IEEE-PEMC) 2018
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering Aug 2018

Research groups

  • Industrial and Power Electronics, Visitor (Faculty)


A New Receiver Detection and Fast System Activation Method for Wireless Power Transfer

Shamsul Arefeen Al Mahmud, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Yining Liu, Jorma Kyyra, Sergei Tretyakov 2023 2023 IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo, WPTCE 2023 - Proceedings

Effective Midrange Wireless Power Transfer with Compensated Radiation Loss

N. Ha-Van, C. R. Simovski, F. S. Cuesta, P. Jayathurathnage, S. A. Tretyakov 2023 Physical Review Applied

New Concept for Current-Impressed WPT to Multiple Independent Stainless-Steel-Enclosed Linear Actuator Sliders

Prasad Jayathurathnage, Spasoje Miric, Junzhong Xu, Jonas Huber, Marco Hitz, Jorma Kyyra, Johann W. Kolar 2023 2022 IEEE 7th Southern Power Electronics Conference, SPEC 2022

A New Simplified Method and Design Guidelines for the Optimization of Push-Pull Class Φ 2Converters for Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Yining Liu, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Jorma Kyyra 2023 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

Antenna bandwidth engineering through time-varying resistance

Mohamed Mostafa, N Ha-Van, P Jayathurathnage, Xuchen Wang, G Ptitcyn, Sergei Tretyakov 2023 Applied Physics Letters

Large-Area Free-Positioning Wireless Power Transfer to Movable Receivers

Shamsul Al Mahmud, Ishtiaque Ahmed Panhwar, Prasad Kumara Sampath Jayathurathnage 2022 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

High-Efficiency Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System

X. Dang, P. Jayathurathnage, F. Liu, S. A. Al Mahmud, C. R. Simovski, S. A. Tretyakov 2022 IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics

Estimation of the Transferred Power in LCC Compensated Wireless Power Transmitters with the use of PWM-Synchronized Sampling Technique

Farzad Farajizadeh, D. Mahinda Vilathgamuwa, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Gerard Ledwich 2022 IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification

Cylindrical Transmitting Coil for Two-Dimensional Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer

Nam Van Ha, Yining Liu, Prasad Kumara Sampath Jayathurathnage, Constantin Simovski, Sergei Tretyakov 2022 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Self-Decoupled and Integrated Coils for Modular Multi-Transmitter Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Prasad Jayathurathnage, Yining Liu, Jorma Kyyra 2022 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics