Pia Euro

A806 Department of Art and Media
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Honors and awards

Artist in residence at Finnish Institute at Athens

Granted funding (personal grants) Department of Art and Media Nov 2022

Rajapinta award to Juulia Juutilainen's Master's Thesis 'Understory'

Rajapinta award for excellent Master’s thesis focused on<br/><br/>* social science motivated studies of technologies<br/>* using technology to help to run with social science research
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Media Nov 2018


Reposaari - mission impossible

Pia Euro, Taina Rajanti, Harri Laakso, Max Ryynänen 2022 Visual artist’s workbook : essays and exercises on teaching arts

Dense things and all light

Pia Euro, Tanja Kiiveri 2021


Pia Euro, Tanja Kiiveri 2021

How Can We Keep the Chaos

Pia Euro, Kristina Leko, Tanja Kiiveri 2019

Mais um Sintoma

Pia Euro, Rita Castro Neves 2019

That element appears in its original position

Pia Euro, Tanja Kiiveri 2019

Performing Institutions

Pia Euro 2018