Petter Holme

T313 Dept. Computer Science

I'm interested in understanding the world around us through networks describing how things are connected. Through the structure of these connections, we can understand some aspects of how a system works—it could be the spread of opinions among people, the interactions between organizations concerning climate change, the synchronization of power grids, and many other topics. My work is interdisciplinary and in collaboration with researchers from the social sciences, medicine, engineering, and more. I use tools from data science, mathematics, and computational modeling.

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Areas of expertise

network science, Complex networks, Complex Systems, Computational social science


Public Health Impact of Paxlovid as Treatment for COVID-19, United States

Yuan Bai, Zhanwei Du, Lin Wang, Eric H.Y. Lau, Isaac Chun Hai Fung, Petter Holme, Benjamin J. Cowling, Alison P. Galvani, Robert M. Krug, Lauren Ancel Meyers 2024

Epidemic criticality in temporal networks

Chao Ran Cai, Yuan Yuan Nie, Petter Holme 2024

The spindle approximation of network epidemiological modeling

Jianhong Mou, Bitao Dai, Suoyi Tan, Petter Holme, Sune Lehmann, Fredrik Liljeros, Xin Lu 2024

Influence maximization on temporal networks : a review

Eric Yanchenko, Tsuyoshi Murata, Petter Holme 2024

Temporal Link Prediction Methods Based on Behavioral Synchrony

Yueran Duan, Qing Guan, Petter Holme, Yacheng Yang, Wei Guan 2023 Temporal Network Theory

Temporal Network Theory

Petter Holme, Jari Saramäki 2023

Gender inequality and self-publication are common among academic editors

Fengyuan Liu, Petter Holme, Matteo Chiesa, Bedoor AlShebli, Talal Rahwan 2023

Modularity-Based Selection of the Number of Slices in Temporal Network Clustering

Patrik Seiron, Axel Lindegren, Matteo Magnani, Christian Rohner, Tsuyoshi Murata, Petter Holme 2023 Temporal Network Theory