Petri Kangassalo

T213 Built Environment
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  • Planning and Transportation, Visitor (Faculty)


3D visualisations for communicative urban and landscape planning: What systematic mapping of academic literature can tell us of their potential?

Salla Eilola, Kaisa Jaalama, Petri Kangassalo, Pilvi Nummi, Aija Staffans, Nora Fagerholm 2023 LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING

Narrowing the Implementation Gap : User-Centered Design of New E-Planning Tools

Pilvi Nummi, Viktorija Prilenska, Kristi Grisakov, Henna Fabritius, Laugren Ilves, Petri Kangassalo, Aija Staffans, Xunran Tan 2022 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF E-PLANNING RESEARCH

“Do they actually need it?” - Understanding user needs for new collaborative 3D tools for green environment planning

Pilvi Nummi, Viktorija Prilenska, Petri Kangassalo, Henna Fabritius, Martin Allik 2021

Co-planning application for co-creating urban environment with prospective users

Viktorija Prilenska, Petri Kangassalo, Pilvi Nummi, Andres Maremäe 2021