Peter Matthews

Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair
Contingent Worker
E703 Dept. Economics
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Partisan political beliefs and social learning

Andrea Robbett, Lily Colón, Peter Matthews 2023 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS

Polarization and Group Cooperation

Andrea Robbett, Peter Matthews 2023 Quarterly Journal of Political Science

Which income comparisons matter to people, and how? : Evidence from a large field experiment

Xiaogeng Xu, Satu Metsälampi, Michael Kirchler, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Peter Matthews, Topi Miettinen 2023


Jeffrey Carpenter, Damian S. Damianov, Peter Hans Matthews 2022 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC REVIEW

Responsible Majorities? How Group Composition Drives Partisan Expressive Voting

Andrea Robbett, Peter Hans Matthews 2022 Political Behavior

Choice Architecture to Improve Financial Decision Making

Jeffrey Carpenter, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Peter Matthews, Andrea Robbett, Dustin Beckett, Julian Jamison 2021 REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS

Preferences and Civil War in Northern Uganda

Matthew Lowes, Jeffrey Carpenter, Peter Matthews 2020 Journal of African Economies