Pekka Oinas

Professor of Practice
Professor of Practice
T106 Chemical and Metallurgical Eng
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  • Plant design, Professor of Practice


Interfacial catalysis and lignin nanoparticles for strong fire- and water-resistant composite adhesives

K. Alexander Henn, Susanna Forssell, Antti Pietiläinen, Nina Forsman, Ira Smal, Paula Nousiainen, Rahul Prasad Bangalore Ashok, Pekka Oinas, Monika Österberg 2022 Green Chemistry

Energy-efficient and cost-effective separation model for solvent recovery from colloidal lignin particles dispersion

Elham Khalati, Rahul Bangalore Ashok, Pekka Oinas 2022 Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Batch cooling crystallization process for the food-grade phytosterols

Paula Rantamäki, Jari Kavakka, Pekka Oinas, Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen 2022 BIWIC 2022 : 27th International workshop on industrial crystallization

Furfural production from xylose and birch hydrolysate liquor in a biphasic system and techno-economic analysis

Gerardo Gómez Millán, Rahul Prasad Bangalore Ashok, Pekka Oinas, Jordi Llorca, Herbert Sixta 2021 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Plastics value chain – abatement of greenhouse gas emissions

R. Kajaste, P. Oinas 2021 AIMS Environmental Science

Self-assembly of colloidal lignin particles in a continuous flow tubular reactor

Rahul Bangalore Ashok, Yao Xiao, Kalle Lintinen, Pekka Oinas, Mauri Kostiainen, Monika Österberg 2020 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

Techno-economic assessment for the large-scale production of colloidal lignin particles

Rahul Bangalore Ashok, Pekka Oinas, Kalle Lintinen, Golam Sarwar, Mauri Kostiainen, Monika Österberg 2018 Green Chemistry

Methanol-Managing greenhouse gas emissions in the production chain by optimizing the resource base

Raili Kajaste-Rudnitskaja, Markku Hurme, Pekka Oinas 2018 AIMS Energy

Closed cycle production of concentrated and dry redispersible colloidal lignin particles with a three solvent polarity exchange method

Kalle Lintinen, Yao Xiao, Rahul Bangalore Ashok, Timo Leskinen, Ekaterina Sakarinen, Mika Sipponen, Farooq Muhammad, Pekka Oinas, Monika Österberg, Mauri Kostiainen 2018 Green Chemistry