Pekka Malo

Professori (Associate professor)
Professori (Associate professor)
E704 Dept. Information and Service Management

Pekka Malo is a tenured Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Information and Service Management at Aalto University School of Business, Finland. He has a PhD degree in quantitative methods and M.Sc. degree in finance from Helsinki School of Economics. He also holds M.Sc. degree in mathematics from University of Helsinki. Before joining the department he worked as a business simulation developer at Cesim and head of research at Fosta Consulting. He has also worked as a visiting scholar in computational optimization and innovation laboratory at Michigan State University in the Depertment of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. His research interests include optimization, evolutionary computation, semantic information retrieval, computational statistics and machine learning, and their applications to marketing, finance, and healthcare.

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Machine learning, Data Science, Business analytics, Artificial intelligence, Optimization, Computational Intelligence, Multi-criteria decision analysis, Text mining, Data mining, Big data, Decision Analysis, 512 Business and management, 112 Statistics and probability, 111 Mathematics, 113 Computer and information sciences, Computational data analysis, Statistics, Applied mathematics

Honors and awards

Best paper award for the paper “Semantic Content Filtering with Wikipedia and Ontologies” in Semantic Aspects in Data Mining

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Information and Service Economy Jan 2010

Helsinki School of Economics award for high quality thesis

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Information and Service Economy Jan 2007


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SEntFiN 1.0


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