Otto Seppälä

University Lecturer
University Lecturer
T313 Dept. Computer Science
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Aalto High 5 Award for Education

Aalto's premier award for advancing the university's educational mission, received for developing and organizing Aalto's first MOOC
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Computer Science Jan 2015

Research groups

  • Computer Science Lecturers, University Lecturer
  • Computer Science - Computing Systems (ComputingSystems), University Lecturer
  • Computer Science - Computing education research and educational technology (CER), University Lecturer
  • Lecturer Seppälä Otto group, University Lecturer


Rules of Program Behavior

Rodrigo Silva Duran, Juha Sorva, Otto Seppälä 2021 ACM Transactions on Computing Education

Towards a JSON-based Algorithm Animation Language

Artturi Tilanterä, Giacomo Mariani, Ari Korhonen, Otto Seppälä 2021 Proceedings - 2021 Working Conference on Software Visualization, VISSOFT 2021

Algorithm Visualization and the Elusive Modality Effect

Albina Zavgorodniaia, Artturi Tilanterä, Ari Korhonen, Otto Seppälä, Arto Hellas, Juha Sorva 2021 ICER 2021 - Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research

Relation of Individual Time Management Practices and Time Management of Teams

Tapio Auvinen, Nickolas Falkner, Arto Hellas, Petri Ihantola, Ville Karavirta, Otto Seppälä 2020 Frontiers in Education

Measuring the cognitive load of learning to program

Albina Zavgorodniaia, Rodrigo Duran, Arto Hellas, Otto Seppala, Juha Sorva 2020 UKICER 2020 - Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on United Kingdom and Ireland Computing Education Research

Should Explanations of Program Code Use Audio, Text, or Both? A Replication Study

Albina Zavgorodniaia, Arto Hellas, Otto Seppälä, Juha Sorva 2020 Proceedings - 20th Koli Calling Conference on Computing Education Research, Koli Calling 2020

Mental models and pedagogical goals (Breakout group 3)

Otto Seppälä, Rodrigo Duran, Brett Becker, Neil Brown, Paul Denny, Robert Goldstone, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Greg Nelson, Carsten Schulte, Steven Wolfman 2019

Notional Machines for Scratch and Python

Otto Seppälä, Rodrigo Duran, Brett Becker, Paul Denny, Titus Barik, Thomas Ball, Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide, Juha Sorva 2019

Stuff We Wish We Knew (About Notional Machines)

Otto Seppälä, Juha Sorva 2019

Designing the First Finnish MOOCs

Otto Seppälä, Juha Sorva, Arto Vihavainen 2017 New Ways to Teach and Learn in China and Finland