Ossi Kaario

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Areas of expertise

Combustion, Sprays, CFD, Numerical modelling, Internal combustion engines, LES, Turbulence, Large Eddy Simulation, RANS

Research groups

  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Professor (Associate Professor)


Experimental Study on Engine Performance Fueled with Ammonia-Hydrogen Blend Ignited by Diesel Pilot

Muhammad Saad Akram, Qiang Cheng, Maryam Yeganeh, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2024

Embedded direct numerical simulation of ignition kernel evolution and flame initiation in dual-fuel spray assisted combustion

Mahmoud Gadalla, Shervin Karimkashi, Islam Kabil, Ossi Kaario, Tianfeng Lu, Ville Vuorinen 2024

A comparative study on methanol and n-dodecane spray flames using Large-Eddy Simulation

Ossi Tapani Kaario, Shervin Karimkashi, Atmadeep Bhattacharya, Ville Vuorinen, Martti Larmi, Xue Song Bai 2024

Super adiabatic combustion of H2/Air and H2/N2O mixtures

Jennifer Schurr, Atmadeep Bhattacharya, Alexander A. Konnov, Ossi Kaario 2024

Impact of modelling assumptions in cavitating flow of simplified injector

Stanislau Stasheuski, Karri Keskinen, David P. Schmidt, Ville Vuorinen, Jari Hyvönen, Ossi Kaario 2024

A numerical study on premixed laminar ammonia/air flames enriched with hydrogen : An analysis on flame–wall interaction

Parsa Tamadonfar, Shervin Karimkashi, Thorsten Zirwes, Ville Vuorinen, Ossi Kaario 2024

A study of flame dynamics and structure in premixed turbulent planar NH3/H2/air flames

Parsa Tamadonfar, Shervin Karimkashi, Ossi Kaario, Ville Vuorinen 2024

Experimental study of hydrogen jet dynamics : Investigating free momentum and impingement phenomena

Maryam Yeganeh, Muhammad Saad Akram, Qiang Cheng, Shervin Karimkashi, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2024

Experimental Study on Flash Boiling of Ammonia Fuel Sprays - A Potential Alternative Fuel

Muhammad Saad Akram, Maryam Yeganeh, Qiang Cheng, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi 2023