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University Teacher
T214 Civil Engineering
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I work as a part-time University Teacher at the Department of Civil Engineering (research group: Mineral-based materials and mechanics). For the remaining week, I work as a Specialist at Ramboll Finland Oy. At Aalto I teach in the following courses: Geotechnics, Foundation Engineering and Ground Improvement, Advanced Soil Mechanics, and Geologia ja geomekaniikka.

My PhD research dealt with probabilistic approaches (e.g. Monte Carlo simulation) and reliability-based design applied to settlement of embankments on clay subsoil. My research also included uncertainty quantification related to inherent variability of geotechnical properties (i.e. soil statistics) and transformation uncertainty in empirical correlations that are used in preliminary settlement estimation. During my research I became familiar with data analysis in Python and @RISK (Palisade's risk analysis / Monte Carlo simulations Add-in for Excel).

In addition, I have experience in laboratory testing of soils: I have planned, performed and analyzed oedometer tests and anisotropically consolidated triaxial tests on clay specimens, and shear box testing of both cohesive and granular soils.

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Rakentajanaukio 4 02150 Espoo Finland
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Honors and awards

Student prize: Oskari Vilamo Foundation Awards

Oskari Vilamo Fund awarded the best theses on the building trade, The MSc-prizes of the year 2017 are granted for Tuomas Alapieti, Kalle Aromaa, Martyna Kainulainen and Monica Löfman from the department of Civil Engineering
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Civil Engineering Jan 2017

Student prize: Dean's master thesis award

Award or honor granted for a specific work Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics Jan 2016

Research groups

  • Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics, University Teacher


Safety margin from characteristic values in settlement calculations of embankments on clay


Observational method applied to the decision optimizing of foundation method in Kujala Interchange on silty clay subsoil

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